Jim Kruize's

1965 Chevy C-10 Longbed Stepside

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5 June 2006
# 1550

From Jim :

           This is my new toy. It's a 1965 C-10 with a long, stepside bed. It has a factory 283 with a 3 speed on the column. It also has factory power brakes.

           I was on my way to NC to get some Humvee tires for my '88 Suburban when I first saw this truck on a trailer on I-95 near my home in Richmond, VA back in the fall of '05. A few weeks later, it was sitting by a guy's house up the road from me along with his '72 C-10 (lucky guy). In early May, I found that guy was selling his '72 on eBay. I went to look at it with my wife on our rare "date night" without the three kids, thanks to their Great-Aunt Brenda.

           His reserve on the '72 was too rich for my wallet. Despite it being a nice truck, I had to pass on it. I inquired about the '65 I used to see at his house. He said he still had it at his shop and wanted to sell it, too.


           He threw out a fair price so we went to inspect it closer. This was two nights before I had to go serve my annual two weeks each summer with Uncle Sam in the Air National Guard. So I asked the guy if he'd hold it for me until I got back and got paid for my "vacation." He agreed he would even without a deposit.

           So a week after I got back home, I called him and picked it up. Now it fills my garage.

           I plan to do a frame-up job on it since I don't need to drive it right now. I also plan to add a 5-speed manual and throttle body injection to it to help it cruise along real nice. I want to add power steering as well. When it's done, I will pay the wife back with a real date night going for a cruise in it -- or maybe going to look at another ol' Bolt.

           I will keep ya'll posted on the progress. Here is my Webshots album with more photos!

Jim Kruize
Bolter # 3303
Richmond, Virginia

           In June 2007, Jim picked up a 1963 Chevy C-10 Fleetside! ~~ Editor

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