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1955 Chevy 6400 Dump Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Gerald Krahn
Bolter # 2140
Warroad, Minnesota
12 June 2008
# 2350

From Gerald:

           Hello Stovebolt Crew! I finally did it. As of June 1, 2008 I have retired. Its sure a good thing I did because this past week, I would not have had time to go to work anyway. I was too busy on the farm!

           Since the last time I sent some pictures, the green 1962 Chevy 2-ton Grain Hauler that had made its home on the farm has gone down the road to haul grain for a farmer not to far from Warroad. Some how it just seemed that with the price of gas, I needed to get another 6 cylinder truck.

           It is dangerous for me to go to farm auction sales. Sometimes I bid just to help the auctioneer get things started.

           One beautiful spring day, I put in a bid of $100 on a 14 foot long 8000 pound hopper box. The next thing I know, I am trying to figure out how to get my new purchase home.

           Not to far down the line sat a 1955 6400 Chevy with box and hoist. In no time at all, I had convinced myself that buying a truck would be the way to go. After a little tense bidding, I was the happy owner of another truck.

           Not having had time to check anything more than the brake peddle, I headed over to the nearest gas station to fill the tank. The farther I got, the better I felt. At 45 miles per hour (the gauges all worked but the gas gauge is off a little) not a shake or rattle. I figured that was fast enough -- not knowing just how good the engine was.

           Sixty miles later, I drive in the yard where my wife got to see why I was late coming home. Her first comment was, I like it. Its so nice and quiet.

           That is in comparison to the 1973 C65 with a 366 V8 with dual glass packed mufflers, or the 1971 tilt cab with a 366 and no mufflers at all.

           The odometer says 82,000 miles and it appears to be the first time up. The 261 seems to be real solid. The 4 speed and 2 speed shift are real smooth.

           Some pictures: interior | side view | engine

           The paint is getting a little thin in places but no rust holes.

           Now going way back to 1960 when my wife-to-be and I were both still in high school, we would go cruising in my 1955 Chevy car. The first Saturday night the truck was home, I asked my wife if she would like to go for a cruse as we again have a 55 Chevy. She agreed and asked where I wanted to go. I had already put a load of fertilizer (supplied by our sons dairy herd) for our daughter's garden in the box, so I said, "Let's go see Linda."

           We had a nice evening trying out the dump on the truck and visiting with our Daughter, Son-in-law and eight of their nine children.

           For now, all I plan to do is a little work on the box.

           I am sending some pictures of my tractors as well. I have Two Super H Farmalls and a 1945 B Allis Chambers. These are all working tractors used on the farm on a regular basis.

           I better sign off and get to work. This retirement thing sure keeps a guy busy.

Best wishes,

Gerald Krahn

          Gerald Krahn was the Special Projects Manager for Marvin Windows & Doors. Part of his job was to find and restore a 1951 1.5-ton Chevy truck for the company. And he sent it in for the Gallery. What a truck. What a job! What a Company. Congratulations on the retirement. Looks like you are easing into it very well ! ~~ Editor


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