Mike Kobel's

1951 Chevrolet Firetruck

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29 December 2006
# 1759

From Mike :

           Here's what I acquired a year ago and have done nothing with! This is a 1951 Chevrolet with a 500 gpm Howe pump and 500 gallon water tank. With a career in the fire service, I've thought it a requirement to eventually own a firetruck. I'm partial to the late '40s and early '50s Chevy's.

           She does run, but since the pump housing is cracked and I don't really need the PTO, I'm think'n small block, headers, paint job, a little interior work, and it's PARADE TIME!

           You already have my '47 dumper 2-ton on the site (which has an interesting history ~ Editor).

           Hopefully more to come.

Mike Kobel
Capt'n Mike
Fire Chief and Part-time Pirate
Urbana, Illinois

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