Mike Kobel's

1947 Chevy 2-Ton Dump Truck

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15 June 2001

From Mike:

           Thanks for posting my pic. I'm a first time caller, long time listener and I enjoy the your site. I love looking at the old stuff.

           Here's a photo of one of my toys. Perhaps viewers can help me out on some of the particulars ('cause I'm not all that sure what I have here). It's a '47 Chevy 2-ton with a dump hoist. It spent all of its life at the University of Illinois - Willard Airport and Institute of Aviation in Champaign Co., Il. I am a Firefighter at the airport and saved her from the crusher.

         The Institute has conducted aviation research for many years. At one point, the truck had a large radial aircraft engine mounted to the bed and was parked at a remote portion of the airport where the engine ran nonstop for weeks testing engine oils. Now all that remains are the door decals. The University name is removed but it still states "research and testing."

           In the photo you can see my buddy Dave explaining to a Champaign County Deputy that we are moving the truck from his farm to my house for repairs. The Deputy was his neighbor and bought the story. The truck has a 235 in-line with a granny low and runs good. I got more photos some place, I'll dig' em up and send a few.

Mike Kobel
Capt'n Mike
Fire Chief and Part-time Pirate
Urbana, Illinois

           Capt'n Mike sent us another Gallery submission in December 2006 -- a 1951 Chevrolet Firetruck. Good project! ~~ Editor

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