Steve Keith's

1943 GMC Deuce and a Half / CCKW-353

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1 June  03  

From Steve: 

      Here is a picture of my 1943 GMC model CCKW-353 deuce and a half closed cab with rare M32 machinegun mount and replica .50 cal machine gun towing a 57mm Anti-Tank gun in a local parade.

      Truck purchased in 1980 from a local fire deptment for $525.  I have driven this truck over 50,000 miles myself since then!

      I have five more of these trucks ~~ Closed cab shopvan \ Open cab LeRoi compressor \ 1944 Chevrolet M6 Bomb Truck towing Saginaw M5 Bomb Trailer \ Open cab aircraft refueler tanker \ Open cab cargo truck with winch and rare artic hardtop \ 1945 GMC model CCKW deuce and a half with a Schield-Bantam crane.


Steve Keith
"Dr Deuce"
Bolter # 5270
Pembroke, NH

      Steve - Looks like you could cause quite a stir with that thing!  Looking forward to seeing some of your other rigs. ~~ Curator

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