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Bill Jesse's

1953 Chevy 5-window 1/2-Ton

" Miss Blu"

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10 August 2005 Update

Some passing thoughts

From Bill:

          Miss Blu, my 1953 Chevy has been sold. She went to a nice man who is a building contractor. He will put the company name on the truck although he will not use it for work. He owns a few other vehicles including a Cobra and a 1928 Chevy pick up. It has been three weeks now and I have not seen her around.

          I find it strange that I don't miss her after all these years and all that work. But I have come to realize that my mental health can no longer cope with a pristine restoration. A paint chip would cause a nervous breakdown. Furthermore, I am not big on keeping vehicles spotless and definitely would never leave her unattended. Ol Blu now is a different story! I keep her fairly clean and leave her unattended and do not mind carrying things in the bed (within reason). She is a truck and a former farm truck. If it rains - so what! No worries. If she were a vintage car then I would be keeping her perfect, but as I said, for me that is not one of my passions. My '81 Malibu gets washed once a year!

          Don't get me wrong about pristine trucks. I had one and do admire those who can keep one in mint shape without going crazy with worry. When I had Miss Blu, it seems fewer people took notice of her than do with the '49. Maybe it is the old truck mystique.

          Years back I delivered a '51 Chev half-ton from the lower mainland over here. As you know, we are on an island and ferry transport is all we have. These ferries are big and can carry about 400 vehicles. When I picked up the truck, it had been flat bedded from a farm in Saskatchewan. It was literally barn fresh and I had to clean chicken mess from the seats and windows. When I got to the ferry line up, they had me wait near the cafeteria. I went in for a coffee and when I came out, there must have been 40 people surrounding the old truck -- all asking questions. The sad thing was that three lanes over was a beautiful hot rodded Chev sedan and it attracted about half a dozen on-lookers.

          I guess restored, hi tech cars seem like new cars to most and that is perhaps why they were ignoring it. The joys of old trucks to me anyway is that they transport me back to a simple and slower life. I can drive along and smell the roses (or exhaust fumes, oil and gas)!

          And now I can devote this leisurely time to Ol Blu (my '49 1/2-ton Chevy).


Bill Jesse

13 July 2004

From Bill:

          This truck was restored between 1992 and 1994 and is running a stock driveline with a 1953 235" (they had them in '53 in Canada) and a 3 speed. It is a frame-off rebuild with a black interior, radial tires and the prerequisite oak bed. It also has seat belts with shoulder harnesses. The truck rides like a new vehicle and is rarely driven above 65 mph. No freeways up here! At that speed it is as smooth as sitting in an arm chair in the living room.

         I also have an old blue '49 Chev, hence my handle.

         My email address is sedgewick@shaw.ca -- Sedgewick is my rabbit and close friend!

Bill Jesse
Victoria BC

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