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Leonardtown, Maryland


1964 Chevy 1/2-Ton Pickup Truck

Owned by

Rex "Old Truck Dude" James
Marion, Ohio

10 March 2008 Update
# 2008

From Rex :

           This 1964 was scrapped. There were no savable body parts. I kept the motor, transmission, rear end, and dash. Everything else was rusted too bad. The frame was rusted in half in two places.

           Here's a couple new pics of the rest of my fleet. [ Image ] One is with my daily driver, a 77 3/4-ton Chevy.

         When taking these pictures [ Image ], my family and friends thought I was crazy for getting on top of my garage. I thought it would be a cool picture of all the trucks together. Plus, I wanted to see how big of a garage I really need.

          Just a note to Jeremiah from Ohio -- I think we may have met at one time. That is a cool four door. Can't wait to see it finished.

          There's alot of good lookin' trucks on this site. Maybe I'll have a nice one, one of these days.

Thanks again,

Rex James

Keep on Truckin' !

          Cool shot. I bet it was fun taking the picture from the roof. Looks like you'll need a might big garage! ~~ Editor

3 Augustl 2007
# 2008

From Rex :

          Hey Stovebolt. I'm back Again! Here's a real jewel for all you guys who buy those "one owner perfect trucks." This is a 1964 1/2-ton one owner from the salt belt of Central Ohio. It has a big back window, 230 6 cylider, 3 on the tree. It was bought new to pull drag cars. The guy said he parked it a couple years ago. I think it was more like 20 years.

          The only parts that seemed worth saving were the motor, trans, rear axle, wheels, dash cluster, and a couple hubcaps. The coons has a good home in the cab thanks to no floor boards.

          We had to take three wheels off and cut the front hubs off to roll it. Oh yeah, almost forgot. We had to cut down a few trees also.

          We don't get to see many clean one owner trucks in Ohio. If they were clean and rust free, they probably were not driven. Let me see, is this my good side? Or is it this one? So, for starters, I'm looking for 2 stainless 1965 1/2-ton hubcaps

          Thanks for the space and keep on truckin'.


Rex "Old Truck Dude" James
Marion, Ohio

          This looks like a real "beauty in the eye" Stovebolt! But ... check out Rex's accomplishments so far: a 1965 Chevy 1/2-ton LWB Fleetside and a 1966 1-ton Panel ~~ Editor


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