Kevin Hendricks'

1953 Chevy 3100

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09 November 2006
# 1715

From Kevin :

         Here is my 1953 Chevy 3100 from the Fremont, California plant. I bought it in 2001 from a friend who moved to Africa. I picked up the truck in Las Vegas, and moved the half-way restored vehicle and with me to the great Pacific-Northwest. Traveled across the desert, over several mountain passes, and was stuck in an ice-storm in Salem, Oregon, while I waited for a my generator to be re-built. Not to mention lots of rain ... and the wiper transmission arm (way up under the dash) broke, too.

         By the time I got here (home), my wife and I weren't talking.

         The truck is mostly-original, with a few modern upgrades. It has a full-pressure 235, with an electronic ignition from Langdon's and a "split" cast iron exhaust manifold with dual exhaust. It has the original transmission, with enclosed driveshaft, and a rear end with the 3.55:1 gears. The original gas tank was removed and replaced with a rear, under-bed tank and a bed fill door. It has an Oak bed floor with stainless steel strips. I had the inside sides of the bed box Arma-coated in black, so if I have a bed liner pad down on the floor, I can actually put things in the bed and the sides are well-protected. I've got Sony stereo in the glovebox, with an iPod connector , amp under the seat, and 5 x 9 speakers behind the seat where the gas tank used to be.

         In April, I coated the cardboard glove box liner (which I've never liked) with some leftover black polyurethane truck bed liner.

         I have had a blast with this truck (and a lot of frustration, too, at times) ... just might get another one someday! But for now, it's almost (but never really ) done.

         The search function on The Stovebolt Page is great. I've found a lot of good info by searching. It took me a while to get into the search function, but looking at past discussion threads on topics is great.

Kevin Hendricks
"Kevin in WA"
Bolter # 5452
Port Angeles, Washington

         Great ride Kevin. That iPod connector (plus the other stereo hoo-ya) is a great upgrade. As they say, "I gotta get me one of these!" ~~ Editor

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