Spanky Hardy's

1952 GMC 450 3-Ton COE Road Tractor

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08 November 2006
# 1713

From Spanky :

          Here's my 1952 GMC 450 series 3-ton COE Road Tractor. It was originally purchased new by a carnival concession company in Lebanon, Indiana. After about eight years in the carnival business, it was retired to a trailer rental company. They used it as a spotter. That owner had it until I purchased it which was back in 1992.

          I recently removed the fuel saddle tank and fifth wheel so I can install a Holmes Heavy Duty W45 Wrecker unit on it's back.

Spanky Hardy
Bolter # 3026
Burlington, North Carolina

           Spanky already has one Holmes Wrecker, a 1946 Chevrolet Holmes W35 Wrecker in the Gallery. He has another '52, too -- a 1952 Chevrolet 3800 1-Ton Panel. But he has way more than that ... be sure to check Spanky's Webshots album for lots more pictures of his extensive collection. ~~ Editor

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