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David Hamilton's

1952 GMC 1/2-Ton Pickup

"Old Yeller"

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From David:

     I was hunting through some old woodcraft pictures today and found some pictures of my pickups that I took last summer. I'll start with our baby, the yellow 1952 GMC 1/2 ton.

     I was looking for an old truck to drive back and forth to work when we first got married and lived in Redmond,Oregon. That's when I saw her, "Old Yeller," just sitting there in a field behind our house.

     I later found out that it belonged to an old couple who I was splitting fire wood for out of concern for their health. When I found how much they wanted for it, I took my wife out to look at it and she loved it. We talked about it and decided to sell our calf to someone and bought the truck for $300.

     It has been more dependable than anything we have ever owned. I asked my wife when exactly did we buy the old GMC and she said, "It was 1978, honey." The only thing I have done to it is converted it over to 12-volts and have the windows fixed so they would roll up and down.

     I lost my job at the sawmill and we lost everthing except the '52. Although we had, and still have, a lot of people who want to buy her, I just say "She's not for sale."

     We drove it down to Texas from Oregon in 1980 with everything we owned in the back of the pickup.  My son, wife and I have all driven her through town and it makes your chest stick out.  Hopefully, I can get the body in as good shape as the 248 straight six under the hood. I already have a tailgate and a fender.  Now all I have to do is put them on.

Thank you,

David Hamilton
Lipan, Texas

     David also has a 1946 -- a diamond in the rough! He pulled it home with the '52! ~~ Editor

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