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David Hamilton's

1946 1/2-Ton Pickup

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From Dave:

            My wife found this truck for me. She was managing a grocery store just up the road and was talking to her usual coffee-drinkers. She hired one of them to take care of the grass around the store. Well, it turned out he had this old truck in his backyard parked under a tree that he got possession of through a policeman friend of his (they couldn't find the last owner).

            We started playing dominoes with him and his wife -- 42, that is. Everytime we played dominoes, I'd pay him whatever I had in my pocket and he would write it on his calendar. It took me about a year to pay for the pickup. But when I did, we rounded up enough rims to get it home and I hooked on to it with my '52 GMC and towed it home.

            Since then, the old man has died, but I'll always remember him. The only thing that is really good to me is the body, the rest I'll probably sell.

Thank you,

David Hamilton
Lipan, Texas

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