Whitney Haist's

1946 1/2-Ton Chevy Pickup

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From Whitney,

         To all you guys who helped me along the way:

         I got the 216 back from the machinist and several days later I had it running!!! It just purrs like a kitten. I actually drove it (cab and chassis, no fenders, hood, grille or bed) in and out of the driveway a few times. The neighbors already know I'm a little nuts. ;-)

         At this point in time, I've gone through everything from the ground up through the frame and drive system. I've detailed the inside of the cab so my wife can get in there without getting dirty!

         Still in the "black out" period. This series offered very little bright metal trim.

         This restoration commenced in January 1997 and is still in progress.

         John, thanks for letting me park in the cyber garage. Please be careful where you put it though; I don't want any dings in the paint!


Whitney Haist
Orinda, California


         See Whitney's very fine article, and more pictures of his beautiful truck, in the March/April '98 This Old Truck magzine and go right on to Whitney's Art Deco Series Site -- A great site for '41-'47 trucks. Also check out his 1939 1/2-ton. And we owe him a big thanks for helping with Tech Tip articles here on The Stovebolt Page. Whitney is one of our original "anchor team." And,   If you don't notice the picture to the left, go check the index page! ~~ Editor


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