Whitney Haist's

1939 Chevy Pickup

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25 December 2001

From Whitney,

         Merry Christmas everyone!

         Now that it's too cold to work in the shop, I took your suggestion and built a web site for my nearly complete '39. I think it most appropriate that this truck and the site be parked in the cyber garage gallery along side the others that were so inspirational and helpful in the process. Your links and your swap meet was a life saver on this project.

         Speaking of '39s, here's a photo of mine. On this one I did EVERYTHING myself, even welding, body and paint work. I spent a year and a half in the collision repair department at the local community college to fine tune my skills in the craft.

         Remember that life is not a timed event. Slow down a little. You shoulda kept your '39! You can't go too fast in one of those.

         Have a very merry Christmas.


         See Whitney's very fine article, and more pictures of his beautiful truck, in the March/April '98 This Old Truck magzine and go right on to Whitney's Art Deco Series Site -- A great site for '41-'46 trucks. You might want to check out his '46 1/2-ton that's in the gallery, too.




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