Ken Fredrickson's

1947 Chevy Pickup

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04 October 2004 Update

From Ken :

           I am sending a update photo of my truck. The truck is a 1947 Art Deco model. Finally, after 4 1/2 years of drilling, hammering, cleaning, painting, polishing, I was able to license and drive my truck. It has been alot of fun. We really get the looks.

           Thanks for a great web site.

Ken Fredrickson
Bolter # 6308
West Valley City, Utah

           Congratulations, Ken. We know that it's a great feeling when you get to this point. Watch out ... you'll be getting another one! ~~ Editor

          Ahh ... it's December 2006, and guess what Ken's just got?? ~~ Editor

21 December 2000

From Ken

           HI! I love this site and old trucks. Please place my truck on Stovebolt, too! This one is titled 1947 but for body style it's 1946 and I have been calling it a '46 so people don't misunderstand

           I got this truck from my Dad two years ago (October '98). His two brothers bought it in 1949 for $1216.87. I first remember it when I was about 8-10 years old. Dad got it after it was wore out. I remember lying under it in the dirt when he was working on it to get it going again to use on the farm.

           Later my younger brother and I used it to move pipe between the farms we worked on. We had a lot of fun in it. Then it sat for about 22 years rusting away.

           Dad finally told me to get going on it or he would give it to someone else.

           So we dug it out and began the rebuild. The first year was all disassembly, as usual. Since then, the frame has been cleaned up. We welded in a Heidts front end, installed a Chev 350, Turbo 400 Trans, and a Camaro rear end.

           We are still working out the dents and rust. Hopefully the next two years will bring it back to the road, power brakes and power steering are new options.

Happy Trucking,

Ken Fredrickson
Bolter # 6308
West Valley City, Utah

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