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1942 Chevy Panel

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27 December 2006
# 1755

From Ken :

           I have subscribed to Custom Classic Trucks for a few years now. In the September issue 2006 there was an article about a man that has his own Classic Car Collection that the editor/camera crew had spent some time visiting and checking out his cars. They never showed any of his restored cars. However; they showed his used car lot with many early cars and trucks in various stages of needed repair.

           I noticed two photos of this Chev Panel in the '40s years. I have always liked these years, considering my '47 Chev Pickup fits this bracket. I figured I must try to get hold of the owner and see if it was for sale. The article said it was in my home state of Utah. I emailed the editor and he gave me the phone number and name of the owner. I called and made arrangements to see the panel.

           After looking over the truck, we struck a deal we could agree on. Two weeks later, we made a second trip to pick up the '42 Beauty.

           I have only seen four of these in the past few years and this one has been in the best condition and the most complete. I was told this truck was used as an ambulance in its early days, thus the different style of windows on the sides. So far, everyone tells me to return it back to a panel. I kind of like the windows. We will have to see what comes of it.

           Any comments will be helpful. Also any parts you may have excess of could help too. I really need another grill for it.

           Thanks for this great website and for all you folks do for this great hobby.

Ken Fredrickson
Bolter # 6308
West Valley City, Utah

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