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1965 Chevrolet Custom Camper

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13 March 2006
# 1465

truck restorationFrom Jack:

         This is my '65 Chevy that my wife bought my back in 1990. It was a long bed Custom Camper with a large PTO winch mounted under the grille, through the grille support. In '93 I decided I wanted a short wide so I found a '62 swb and swapped frames. I always liked the t-bars on past trucks so I thought it would be prefect. The cab has factory tach and air conditioning. I replaced the 283/4spd with  a 425 hp 383 stroker, TCI TH350 and '66 3.73 posi. 

         I started a family and didn't have much time, so I put it in storage. Eight long years go by and my brother needs transportation. So I quickly put the truck back on the road so he could use it for a few months.

         I had been collecting good sheetmetal, chrome and parts over the years off of other trucks I had bought at wrecking yards all over the west coast. I wanted the truck to look like an "SS" if Chevy had actually made one. You would laugh at how many people think it is the real thing when I take it to local cruise ins and swap meets.  

         The "SS" badges and cab moldings are made by me. A good friend made the 120 mph dash. I had it dialed in and it works great. Soon I plan to do some more frame swapping ('72 probably) and up date to newer running gear like disc brakes and power steering.

         The cab has original black paint and I'll repaint it the same or maybe with a white top. I thought about putting black Corian in place of the bed wood -- it'll never rot again.

         The original glass was changed to dark gray smoked tempered except the windshield. The tail gate chains were replaced by slamlocks and cables. I replaced the rear springs with air bags. Soon I'll do the front after I figure out which way I'm going. I'm thinkin' about making a steel cowl hood too.

         Feel free to contact me if you wish to talk about truck stuff! I have more picture on my Webshots account.

         Thanks and I love your site.


Jack Folk
Bolter # 10508
Vancouver, Washington

        Jack added his other 1965 Chevy (pickup truck) in June 2007. ~~ Editor

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