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1950 GMC


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19 May 2001

From Karl:

     This is the truck that taught me more about Life, Love and Happiness than any other thing in my life.

     "Pops" found me through a local swap sheet somewhere around '88. Couldn't afford the $700 asking (or the divorce) price. The divorce happened anyway, and in '89 the asking price dropped to $350. SOLD! (My "Pop" had a similar one years ago.)

     Unstuck the clutch, added battery, tinkered, patched, drove kids around local dirt roads, and dreamed. Saved money, had local bodyman "do it right." Drove it around some more. Watched paint fall off and bondo blister.

     Long pause as life lessons are leaned. Spent time with Pop as the angels slowly took him home. We talked of old trucks. Bought Pop's '73 Chevy (only new truck he ever owned). It was rusted but super mechanically. After he died, my son and I mixed the two trucks, and had it painted again - green like Pop's favorites. We spent time just sitting in it "with Grampa." I still tinker and upgrade. Pops sits a bit high and his tires are too wide for the fenders (some say) and some of the work is far from professional, but I am always close to Pop when I'm near my truck.

     Take my '99 GMC (and the payment book) or my '40, but don't even think about asking for Pops!

     The real bonus is that my bride of three years loves him, too and encourages my habit. We even worked right up to the day before to get new glass and tires on for our honeymoon trip along the coast of Maine. We drive him all over New England antiqueing, to events and just plain rid'n.

Derby Line, VT

     Be sure to check out Karl's '40 Chevy "Big Red" ~~ Editor

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