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Karl Davison's

1940 Chevy 1.5-Ton

"Big Red"

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19 May 2001

From Karl:

     Here's my '49 1.5-ton. Amateur frame off. Pretty stock 'cept for 12v alternator, electric wiper, carpet, turn signals. Grill was welded up and painted bpo -- still looking for one.

     Bought a pair of these sort of on impulse (Bless my Bride - she made me do it!)

     Tore it down, replaced the howling tranny with one I "had kickin' 'round." Cleaned up brakes, added silicone fluid, detailed already fine-running 216. Took glancing look at 2speed rear (8.something/1 ratio!). Replaced windshield glass (don't care to do that again right away!). Patched holes, painted in and out (looks ok from distance - wet sanding is right up there with windshields). Bed is some low grade cherry (kickin' 'round) and repro bed strips. New wiring harness, seal gas tank.

     Add gas ... yippee!! Took Big Red (how original, huh?) for a spin around the neighborhood on snow and ice. Had one guy follow me home (no, not a cop) to look her over and ask me to not tease him by driving by any more.

     Fun stuff!

     Now, what to do with remaining cab, chassis? (Have you tried The Stovebolt Page Swap Meet? -- editor)

Derby Line, VT

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