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1952 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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07 October 2005

From Eric:

       Thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures of my recent purchase and the story that goes along with it. My apologies for it being so long.

       About a year ago, a neighbor kid told me about an old truck that was nearby. He knew the old farmer that owned it. He said it had been sitting in his barn for several years but was now for sale. It turned out to be a 1946 Chevrolet -- and I purchased it!

       When I went to look at it, and struck the deal, the farmer asked if I liked 1952's. I assured him I did, as I had one I had purchased on eBay about a year prior. "Well" he said, "let's go up to the garage."

       Entering the garage, I saw a very nice 1952 3-window pickup sitting there. He quickly advised, "You can't buy that one. It's my wife's and she won't sell it." Having already secured the '46, I didn't mind too badly, but continued to look it over.

       He then asked, "Do you like 48's?" Again I assured him I did. "Well" he said, "let's go back down to the barn."

       Returning to the barn, he uncovered a 1948 2-ton farm truck. Looked like it had just rolled off of the showroom floor.

       While I was giving it the once over, he tells me, "My father-in-law purchased that truck brand new in '48." (It currently is still sitting there with approx. 62K miles on it.)

       He then asked whether or not I liked tractors. To which of course I answered, "I sure do." "Well" he says, "let's go down to the other barn."

       After arriving at his second barn, he opens the door to show me three antique John Deere and Farm-All tractors that he had restored.

       Well I don't know about you, but I've not had too many mornings that were that exciting. I felt like a kid at Christmas!

       About six months ago, he began to call me on a fairly regular basis. During each conversation, he would hint that perhaps his wife was softening her stance on selling her 1952. Two weeks ago, he confirmed that she was really ready to let it go.

       Already having the other two trucks, I figured I needed another like I needed a hole in my head. However, I told him I would come down and take some pictures, and post them here on the "Bolt" to see if we could get it sold for him.

       I made the short journey (about 1/4 mile away) and took the promised pictures, planning on posting them here for a possible sale. While I was preparing them to be posted, my wife walks in on me and asks what I'm doing.

       "Well" I said, "I'm posting Henry's pictures on the "Bolt" to see if I can help him sell it. (She fondly refers to this site as "Chevy-porn," as I'm up and on it all hours of the night.) She looks them over, and replies, "That's a nice truck Why don't we buy it?"

       Well imagine my delight at that statement. That's twice now she's done that to me, the previous time being our '46. Well, we went for a test drive, and before I could say anything, she told Henry, "Park it in the garage Henry. Eric will be back with the money later this week."

       Man, I love that woman.

       When I went to pick it up last Saturday, I was able to find out a little bit more of the history.

       Henry was the third owner. Guess that makes me fourth. He personally knew the two previous owners. Both of them were GM mechanics and co-workers at the local Chevy store.

       Well, I've got the truck home now, and "Old-Henry" is wanting to know when I'm coming down to pick up the '48.

       I had to laugh as I left with my new purchase. Henry's wife leaned in the cab and asked when I was moving. I must have had a puzzled look on my face, as she quickly added, "Well you've got the trucks, you might as well move on into the house now."

       My wife just teases me saying, "I think you've qualified as a Henry's frequent shopper."

Eric Coulter
Stovebolter # 4545
Suburb of Denver, Colorado

       Frequent Bolt Shopper? Yea, fer sure!. Check out Eric's other great Bolts: a 1946 Chevy 1/2-ton and another 1952 Chevy 3100. Plus, Eric's got some additional pictures if you want to see them here. Eric always has such a good story to tell. I LIKE it! ~~ Editor

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