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1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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29 September 2005

From Eric:

        Here is some updated info on our 1946. We've had our 46 for just over a year now. The initial picture (below) I sent in for the gallery was how I found it in the farmer's barn -- after being restored then parked for nine years. We pulled it out and drove it home.

        Life was good for about another 300 miles. Then I found out a water jacket on the side of the block had corroded through. We were able to find a freshly rebuilt 216 out of a 1939 coupe about an hour away from home. It even came with a transmission for a whopping $300. (Got to love those street-rodder's.)

         Well, my wife wasn't too happy as I had to take her side of the garage all winter.  But seven months later, I finally got everything back in place and buttoned up. While I was doing it, I split the manifold, added dual exhaust, and glass-packs. Along the way, I've picked up and added new headlight trim rings, and wheel rings from eBay.

        The accompanying pictures show what it looks like today. They were taken at the 20th Annual Sunflower Nationals car show where we were chosen to receive a "Top-20 People's Choice" award.

        My wife continues to maintain it's her truck. The way I figure it ... call it anything you want, but it spends its nights in my garage.

        By the way, that 1952 I mentioned the farmer had in my previous gallery submission, well it's now sitting in my garage as well!  I'm working on writing up the story on it for the gallery. I think you'll enjoy it.



Eric Coulter
Stovebolter # 4545
Suburb of Denver, Colorado

        Eric's got some additional pictures if you want to see them here. Congrats! This really looks great! And check out Eric's other great Bolts: a 1952 Chevy 1/2-ton and a 1952 Chevy 3100. ~~ Editor

01 October 2004

From Eric:

          I currently own a 1952 Chevrolet 3100 half-ton pickup. When I bought it, (it was in the Stovebolt Page's September 2004 New Additions), I thought I had fulfilled my dream of owning an old fat fendered pick-up.

          That was until last night (actually September 18 ~~ Editor).

          I went down to the local Sonic Cruise Night and ran into a guy that knew a guy that "had this old truck out in the barn." How many times have you heard that one?

          Anyway, as it turns out, he really did know a guy. The old truck in the barn turned out to be this 1946 half-ton. As of this morning, I know a wife of mine that has claimed it as her own. The gentlemen that previously owned it, had restored it, and pretty much just let it sit. He tells me, "There can't be more than a hundred miles on it since the engine was rebuilt." My wife actually wouldn't let me pass this one up. (Boy the planets must have been in alignment today!)

          You know, it's strange where you find these things. This one wasn't more than one-half mile from my house. I've driven past this house 2-3 times a day for nearly five years, and never had a clue he had it.

          He's also in possession of a beautiful "52" half-ton, and a drop-dead gorgeous "48" 2-ton that his father-in-law bought brand new (50K original miles). Sorry guys, but I'm not telling.

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