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A Cool Old Truck

Al Chapin's

1966 Chevy C-10 Longbed Fleetside

22 September 04

From Al:

         Hi. Here is the final update on the rebuild of my '66. Besides a couple of pieces of molding and a few odds and ends, it's complete. She still has the stock 327 v8. The only change to the running gear I made is a swap of the original powerglide tranny for a TH350. I also added seats from a 2000 Silverado to get shoulder belts. Other than that its all original.

         Hope you like the pic.

Al Chapin
Cochrane AB, Canada

14 September 2003 Update

         Finally I have an update on the progress of my 1966 C10.  Here are some pictures.

          The first picture, is of the truck as it stands right now.  With all the new parts welded in, and the rest of the body put back together.  After getting an outrageous quote to get it painted professionally, I'm going to attempt it myself.  For right now the truck is an every day driver, not a show truck. I have also rebuilt the stock 327 V8, and scrapped the old powerglide in exchange for a rebuilt TH-350.  Other than the new tranny the rest of the truck is stock.

          The second is during the assembly of the box, it shows the new wood very well.  I went to a local building supplies store and bought solid pine laminate and cut to fit all the pieces, and in my opinion it looks awesome.  And I saved about $400 if I were to buy a kit.

Thanks , Al Chapin


         Curator - "Al, by the looks of things, you are well deserving of that old Chev - good work!"

16 September 2002 Update!

         I would like to update on the progress of my 1963 truck I have posted. Well, it has come to an stop. At least that truck is. After I got it tore down, I found it was in worse shape than I originally thought. Espeacially the cab. So I started looking around and found another truck that I decided, after a thorough look over, was way better than what I have. And since I haven't really invested any money into the '63, I decided to start on this one. I have a lot less work to do and I will probably save money in the end. The truck is a 1966 C10. Long box fleetside. It has a stock 327 cid motor and a 2 speed powerglide automatic tranny.

Al Chapin
Cochrane AB, Canada

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