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A Cool Old Truck

Al Chapin's

1963 Chevy C-10 Stepside

16 September 2002 Update

     I would like to update on the progress of my truck I have posted. Well, it has come to an stop. At least that truck is. After I got it tore down, I found it was in worse shape than I originally thought. Espeacially the cab. So I started looking around and found another truck that I decided after a thorough look over, was way better than what I have. And since I haven't really invested any money into the '63, I decided to start on this one. I have a lot less work to do and I will probably save money in the end. The truck is a 1966 C10 Long box fleetside. It has a stock 327 cid motor and a 2 speed powerglide automatic tranny. I don't have any pics at this time, but I will send one when I get them developed.



     September 2004 - Al has done a good job with the '66 ... check it out ~~ Editor

11November 2001

From Al:

     Here are some pics of my 1963 Chevrolet C10 to add to your gallery if you like.

     When I turned 16, me and my dad went to a wreckers yard and bought it for $100. Together we are going to restore it. It has a 292 cid engine, and 3 speed column shift. There is some bad cancer in the fenders and rocker panels, but were going to replce them.

     The truck is all original except for the '61 grill I plan to replace with a '63. And there was a GMC hood laid over it just to keep the engine out of the weather.

     If any one knows where I can look up Canadian vin numbers, could you let me know.

Al Chapin
Cochrane AB, Canada

ps - your site is great


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