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Gray Carlson's

1955 GMC 1/2-Ton

"Chick Magnet"

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03 October 2002

From Gray:

      I have really enjoyed your site after finally finding it. I thought I'd send along a few pics of my truck. This one is - hands down - my favorite of all trucks I've had. I made a few mistakes along the way, (3 of the Ferd variety), but I have finally seen the light.

      This is a 1/2-ton '55 GMC. The front half of the chassis is '79 Blazer and the rear is 3/4-ton '49 GMC. The engine is a 350 and it has full time FWD and gets about 12 mpg.

      The two tone paint was done with a brush and roller. I can drive it to the mall and not worry about anything. It hauls lumber, broken concrete, you name it. No more shiny paint jobs for me.

      Oh, I nearly forgot to mention. This truck is a chick magnet! More girls want to talk about this truck than any of the others (most of them are about 75 though).

      Seriously, this is the most fun I have had with a truck, part of that enjoyment comes from being able access the info here on this site.


Gray Carlson
Michigan City, Indiana


      Gray has a second GMC (1954) he added to the Gallery in February 2004. Looks a little "shiney" to me :) ~~ Editor

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