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Jeff Bryant's

1953 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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03 January 2005

From Jimmy:

     Jimmy Bryant (1948 Chevy 1/2-Ton Thriftmaster) sent in a pix for his son, Jeff. Jeff is a student at Anderson College, Anderson, SC. He plans on being in the ministry (like his Dad). Getting a college kid to do anything but eat is hard! I don't think he's going to write anything but term papers for a while! So, Dad did the write-up.

     The story is he liked old cars and trucks so we got him a '69 Malibu and spent lots of $ and time getting it restored. Then he goes off to college and says, "Dad, I want an old truck like your's" (which is the one in the picture). So the short version is that we sold the Malibu and I gave him my dark blue '53 and found my new truck in Tennessee.

     I think it is cool that a young kid can fall in love with some of the classic things in life! He would rather drive that old truck than some preppy import with all the bells and whistles!


Jimmy Bryant
Charleston, SC

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