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1954 Chevy 3100

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Courtland Bowles
Son of Bolter Danny Bowles
"Dan Bowles "
Bolter # 211
Blissfield, Michigan

01 April 2009
# 2584

More photos on Photobucket

From Danny :

Remember my old 1953 1-ton dump truck, and this little red head in the picture? Well, the boys have grown. The red head on the bumper is the proud owner of a 1954 3100 on an S10 with a 327 and a NV3500 5 speed. Court's truck IS A DRIVER -- here's a mini-burn out to enjoy! And Court will be a driver this month! Just taking his Driver's Ed classes now! Here's his first ride!

This is COURTLAND'S truck. He's paid for the majority of it. Sometimes the O'Mamma Administration has had to give a loan (note I didn't say Bail Out!) but he's done the work and coughed up the dough. He bought the frame, cab, hood, rear fenders, the engine, and trans. I floated him the front fenders and doors (they were from my truck but it'll be a while!). The grille and bed are from my Mom's truck that she got when I was 8 years old!

Grandma was gone for the winter to Florida so we've hogged in on her garage. YES we clean it before we leave every weekend (just in case she's reading this, you never know...).

We swapped over the tires to a set of wide whites on some reverse chromies. This gives us four tires with the same diameter so we can get everything level and square without wondering if it is the truck's fault.

Body mounts are on for the bed and for the back of the cab. Still some discussion on the front of the cab but we have spacers holding it in place. I know, should have started there...


A little more from Dad:

When I was 8 years old in 1977, my Mom bought a 1954 Chevy 3100 from a Kentucky vocational school. It was a runner and we drove it quite a bit. I remember it being cold but she had VWs before that -- so cold was nothing new!

She traded the truck for an ATC for me when I was 12 and it took until I was 27 to get it back.

The '54 sat in the barn until last winter when my then 14 year old son and I got it home. Winter pix!

In the mean time we have gathered a total of four other cabs, two more beds, and a slew of extra parts. We used an S10 frame and are putting together a hot rod for Court.

The front clip and doors are from a parts truck near Fletcher Ohio and say Gilleland Heating and Plumbing, Dayton Ohio. The cab is from Denton, Texas. The bed is from Lapeer Michigan, and the fenders Lansing, MI. pix

The truck is equipped with a '65 327 and a NV3500 5 speed. An S10 4x4 rear end with 3.42s is under the rear.

The grille is from my Mom's truck, almost 30 years later!

The goal is to drive the truck in to Detroit Autorama 2009. Wiring, plumbing, and exhaust are nearly all that are left and then the body mods to accept 1954 Bel Air tail lights, headlight bezels, fender rib, and stainless trim will begin in earnest. All Court's ideas.

Got a steering column mocked in from DirtyT and some other goodies done.

Still need S10 swing pedals and a 5 speed but all in due time. Court worked his eight hours one Sunday!

Fenders sit 8 1/2" from the ground front and rear. 3" lowering blocks in the rear. Still need to add the weight of the motor and trans so it will drop a bit more.

We have a whole list of folks to thank from the HAMB site. Thanks for having a great site here. We just picked up a windshield from Detroit Autorama that we found on the Swap Meet pages and couldn't be happier. Relayed all the way from Texas to Detroit in about a month.

PS. The little one on the fender from the picture above, is now 13 and will be starting a '48 Chevy Sedan Delivery next! That truck has a 235 with a T5.


Danny! Great news all around. Looks like the boys have grease and oil in their veins like their Dad. (Check out Big Bob, Danny's 1953 Chevy 6500 2-ton in the Gallery). Look forward to getting some updates from Court! ~ Editor


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