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Danny Bowles'

1953 1-Ton Dump Truck

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April 2009 Update

I traded the truck to my Mom's husband in about 2002 and he re-did the body work and painted it. It runs around Detour Village, Michigna now with it's latest owner.


From Danny,

"Super Dump" ready for a surfin' safari, dude!             When I was 12 my parents traded our tired old '54 Chevy 3100 for an ATC for my birthday. I didn't know until the guy came to get the truck that that is how I got my new toy. It took me 15 years to get it back, but I have it safely in my father's barn in Michigan. Unfortunately it has a few spots of rust. For example, I removed the driver's door using no tools. I got a chunk of the cab as well!

             In 1997 we moved from Michigan to Ohio and I found this dreamy 1 ton with a dump bed. My wife resisted for a year but decided to let me get it to haul mulch for her garden. Now, several loads of mulch and even more loads of firewood later, we are headed home.

             We are moving back to Michigan to 10 acres and we plan on doing some truck farming. Our boys are 4 and 7 and can't wait to get working on the 'Super Dump' as they have named it! We found a decent '54 cab near by and will be adding it to the collection this summer. With a big barn and plenty of tools, the boys and I hope to have the 'Super Dump' ready for cruizing next summer! We even have been thinking about getting a trailer so we can haul our 1967 Massey 135 behind it! I can't wait for a parade!

             The truck runs a full-pressure 6, 12 volts, and the bed still dumps. There is plenty of work to do but we are in no hurry, the kids still have almost 10 years to go before they get their licenses!

Danny Bowles
Courtland and Elijah's Dad!

Editor's note: You may remember Danny's truck from the "It Ran When I Parked It" Photo contest -- "Old Man Winter"

Another Editor's Note: Danny added Big Bob (a 1953 Chevy 6500 2-ton in August 2000 ... my how the boys have grown!)

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