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Randy Baumann's

1947 GMC 3/4-Ton Flatbed

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09 August 2001

From Randy:

    I just thought you might be interested in my new project. It's rough (Wisconsin winters are tough on sheet metal), but my son and I plan to get it back on the road.  A little more information on the new project. Really I didn't find it myself, my brother-in-law saw the ad for it in his local shopper paper (you know the type, full of ads and most times is more interesting than the local news). Well he let me know, and my wife handed me the checkbook and said "If it's a good deal, buy it" - she's great!

    I hadn't really been looking for a new project, but when I saw the factory stake bed with those curved corners I gave into my weakness. (Is there an Old Trucks Anonymous? - if there is, I don't want to know.)

    The plans is to fix-up the truck as a Father-Son project. My son has just turned 16, and enjoys working on this type of project.  He has done much of the disassembly and parts cleaning already.

    It is rough, and as I said Wisconsin winters are rough on sheet metal, and after we started to disassemble it we found a few surprises, but that won't stop us!

    I may have to manufacture some parts and repair many more, but it will be worth it!

    We have not made a final decision yet, but we may go the street rod route (forgive us).

    I am a technical writer by trade (I write service manuals), and I am trying to document as much as possible, which in some slows things down, but it will be worth it!

    I will keep you posted as to any new progress!

Randy B.
Slinger, WI

Check out Randy's drawings for a "body dolly" and bed mounts on the Tech Tips Page.
And, as of August 2001, he's sent in some photos of his great-looking '46.


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