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Randy Baumann's

1946 Chevy Flatbed

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09 August 2001

From Randy:

Hello John!

     I am finally getting around to sending you a few photos of my '46. This truck was purchased by my dad in the mid 1960's. He used it for daily transportation to and from work, as well as general duty around the farm (believe me, this truck worked for a living!). After he retired the truck from daily use, he gave it to me. I can honestly say that I learned how to drive in this truck.

     I took several years to get it back on the street, but in 1985, I drove it to the Street Rod Nations in St. Paul, MN (still with the 216, and torque tube). I have made a few non-stock changes; two carb manifold, a few engine dress-up items, etc.

     Although it is showing its age, I don't want to take it off the road (I'm having too much fun driving it!). Maybe when my other projects ('41 Chevy, '47 GMC) are done, I'll rebuild it. It doesn't matter if you like trucks stock or custom (I like them both ways), just enjoy them and keep them on the road!

Randy B.
Slinger, WI

     Randy's been a long-time participant in The Virtual Garage. If you haven't seen his great "body dolly drawings" on the Tech Tips page, you need to check it out. Plus, he's the author of all those great tips on bed mounts -- now you see why!


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