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1947 Flxible Clipper

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03 August 2007

From Bill:

         Resuscitate: "v, To restore consciousness, vigor, or life to." My new project needs resuscitation, but the vital signs are there: the heart beats, all six feet are on the ground, eyes wide open, eager to stand proud again .... life after 60 has to be Flxible!

        This is a 1947 Flxible Clipper. This bus isn't a Stovebolt but, originally containing much GM content (including a Buick straight 8), it now sports a small block Chev and TH400 trans. The Flxible Company started in the teens making a "flexible" motorcycle sidecar mechanism that allowed the bike to lean in turns while the sidecar stayed level by allowing the third wheel to tilt. They started making buses later, based on various car chassis. Then they built them on Chevy truck chassis. By 1939 the Chev truck (and in-line six) was replaced with a Buick straight 8, and Flxibles own monocoque style integral chassis / body. This 1947 highway coach was bought new by Vancouver Island Coach Lines, and will once again see the Island highways.

        I got it running easily to drive out to the lowbed trailer for the uneventful trip home. After three weeks, I've about got it stripped to the shell, with all the problem areas mapped out and solutions found. It needs all new floor ply, about 100 square feet of new skin, some roof work, and of course a comfortable new interior with all the amenities.

        Follow along as the project progresses! Here's the story! I originally hoped to have the outer shell sound and the interior livable by Sept. .... hope was the operative word!! Now, I'm hoping to have the bus waterproof by Sept . . . seems everything I poke opens a new can of worms, but damn! I'm havin fun!

Bill LePage
Bolter # 2136
1958 Chevy Longbed
British Columbia

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