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Bill LePage's

1958 Chevy Longbed

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August 2000

From Bill:

     Been surfin' your site for a couple years and enjoy it. Attached pic is for your Gallery section.

     This '58 Chev longbed is one of my fleet of vintage working trucks. I found it in late '94, and after slowly "resurrecting" it functionally, have just finished with painting. It's an excellent driver with a 283 & 3spd in pretty much original form, which is what I enjoy.

     More pics of it and my other drivers ('57 panel and '46 1.5-ton dump) can be found on my web site and anyone is welcome to email me.

Bill LePage
British Columbia

     Squeeze is one of our faithful volunteer staff members here at the 'Bolt. He's constantly on the lookout for broken links. Search and destroy. He stays pretty busy :( ... but we certainly are glad he's here to help clean up this place :) ~~ Editor

March 2005

     We asked the Stovebolters to do an update on their log-in name. And Squeeze and I had been in regular contact anyway ... still fixing broken links. When he sent me this, I just had to share this. Too cool ... way too cool! I just love working Stovebolts! ~~ Editor

     "I thought you knew I was 'squeeze' cuz I'm "The Squeeze!" I guess I never said much about it in the forum, but I've been squishin them lil things (fruit) since '84 - most folks around here only know me as The Squeeze - started cuz my JohnDeere dealer neighbor thought 'Billy da Squeeze' sounded mafia like! When I got on the net to do a web site, it was the natural account name to use :-) "

     This job ... "smells just heavenly, and everyone that comes in when it's in full swing notices. Altho' after just a few minutes, the smell stops registering unless I go outside for a bit. The smell when I first get downstairs in the morning and open up the area where the pulp gets thrown out is enuff to stop ya dead w/ a big smile. Unfortunately, the basis of the smell of apples is the ethylene gas they give off and I've always suspected it's not the healthiest thing to be breathing all day!

     "On a scale that makes it viable, it's all very heavy labor. Last fall I put over 1/4 million pounds thru - about 14 pounds-per-gallon [yes, that's 125 tons/ 18,000 gallons], and I have to lift, throw, pour, dump and carry every pound at least three times. I have help during the peak of custom pressing, especially my 'babytrkr.' But I'm gettin too old for the intensity of 120 or more days straight of hard labor. I took the whole of January, and some of February to get feelin human again. But it's a livin, as they say :-)

     "I love gettin out to the old homestead places I have 'rights' to, and pickin apples w/ deer herds underfoot grabbin the grounders. The oldtime harvest-fest feeling of the whole thing is great - everyone's nearly giddy w/ the joy of putting up the year's supply from their very own crop - 'cept the squeeze, who can get pretty grumpy pushin 5-6000 pounds thru in a day!

     "To do your own juice you need a 'purpose built' press, which can be found down there new for about 500$: or even cheaper used - from there it's simple, and to ferment it is easier than making wine - better IMO, as it's only 6-8% so ya can drink lots :-)



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