Lee Aanderud's

1965 Chevrolet C-10

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14 March 2007
# 1876

From Lee

          This truck was purchased on October 17, 2006 for $1600. It was located in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and I picked it up on November 4, 2006. The truck came with factory A/C, factory tachometer, and a big rear window. It also came with an interesting brush guard that I probably won't put back on.

          The truck had a 1966 Chevrolet 327 car engine and 3-speed manual transmission installed but neither had been run for quite some time.

          My plans are to do a complete restoration of the truck to "driver" condition. But I will replace the Chevy engine with a rebuilt 331 Hemi from a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker. The original plans were to cut the truck down to short bed specs ... but after seeing Van Pershing's C-20 truck, I quickly changed my mind. Now the plans are to make a truck similar to his. Adding saddle tanks and filler doors will break up the long flat space between the cab and the rear wheel ... which I never liked and was the main reason for wanting a short bed.

          For more information on my web site : pictures sent by seller prior to purchase (10/06); truck pick up and delivery (11/05/06); moving under it's own power (12/03/06); cleaned gauge cluster and added a Pontiac vacuum gauge (01/07/07); bed removal and rear end clean up (01/15/07); rear suspension rebuild and rear frame painting (01/27/07); 331 Hemi engine test fit - Day 1 (02/25/07); 331 Hemi engine test fit - Day 2 (02/27/07).


Lee Aanderud
Bolter # 12459
Lexington, South Carolina

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