this is my 55 chevy second series truck i baught i paid 300.00 for it it ran and drove around my yard didnt have brakes on it but the 235 ran quite well then i started disasembling it spent a year on just the frame restoration then the second year i started body work alot of panels whent into the truck floors cab corners , step wells rockers lower door hinge pillers replaced both front fenders and the hood was rusted out and had to weld in inner and outer door bottoms in both doors and new radio section due to being butchered i hauled it home on my tow dolly only thing was it been sititng for over 20 years so all the drums where froze and had to completely removed all the brake shoes. i found it about 13 miles from my house it was just sitting behind a guys house with weeds around it i stoped and asked him about it and for 300.00 he said i could take it away but im from a town called Glen Jean WV 25846. but i got the old 55 home and sanded down the points and stuck on a boat gas can to keep good gas going to the motor and had to replace the condensor and she fired right up and drove it around my yard and the floors was gone and i drove around and the keys fell out of the ignition switch and and fell threw the old floor boards and landed in the yard so i couldnt shut the truck off so i circled the yard till my brother found the keys and i could shut the truck off cause i had no brakes to stop .and it used no oil and i kept the 235 in for a while but now it has a 500 hp 1969 chevy truck 350 4 bolt main in it with a eldebrock 650 carb long tube headers weiand 6 inch high rise intake and 1987 chevy k-5 blazer 6 lug rally rims on it and im down to one more final year on the restoration its been 2 years already . and im looking at least another summer on the truck maybe longer then that then when i get this 55 done i have 7 more in line to frame up restore heres a pic of what it looks like of my progress now

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