Let's see first words when I saw it was hel. yeah! Farm Truck. Covered in dust, looked white or faded grey. Took it home L8R that day, washed it and this was under the grime(see photo's). Had broke Leaf springs on front, mismatched shackles on rear, radiator has 16 no 17 holes in it, park brakes had no adjuster linkage in wheels, rear end leaks grease, tranny leaks, exhaust needed replacement, wires were fire hazard, vacuum wipers didn't work, tail lights were wrong, holes rusted in floor, front Rt. pillar, gas tank rusted out, carb leaking, oil looks like it hadn't been changed in the 59000 miles showing on speedo that didn't work. Crossmember under front of bed rusted almost away, probably from fertilizer. Body needs holes patched in fenders, bed side walls, rear left cab corner and need Rad. support plate. Grille needs two lower horizontals. Oh yeah, I think my rear timber bumper may have termites. So far I've rebuilt wiper motor, replaced exhaust, rewired the fire trap, repaired speedo, replaced defroster ducts, rebuilt carb, windshield wipers, replaced Headlight buckets, front leaf springs, waiting on rear end stuff now will go through rear end bearings and seals when I replace leaf springs and shackles. Then it's on to the engine and tranny.
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1952 Chevy 3100
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