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#364391 - Wed Jan 23 2008 02:30 AM 235 timing mark  
philip t  Offline
Shop Shark
Joined: Jul 2007
Posts: 245
central nc
i put a hei dist. in my 46 this weekend the is a 52 235
i pulled the valve cover and plugs bumped the engine over until the intake valve closed, turned the motor with the fan looking through the spark plug hole until at tdc. the rotor was pointing at number one. i put in the hei and it fired up. now comes the weird part
i could not find the timing mark with the light so i stoped put number one back on tdc of the compression stroke crawled under pulled the dust cover and the steel ball on the fly wheel is 180
from the pointer. why?

#364482 - Wed Jan 23 2008 04:30 AM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: philip t]  
Jim Meier  Offline
Shop Shark
Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 480
NW Ohio
Is this a trick question?
The steel ball is not 180 out, your distributor is.
Each cylinder hits TDC twice for one revolution of the crank.
The distributor turns at half the speed of the crankshaft.
If the steel ball is 180 out from the pointer you are in the number 6 cylinder firing position.

#364509 - Wed Jan 23 2008 05:27 AM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: Jim Meier]  
rustednuts  Offline
Shop Shark
Joined: Feb 2006
Posts: 3,166
Kingston, WA
If its a concern either pull and rotate the dizzy 180 degrees or swap the plug wires at the cap by rotating them out 3 plug positions over.


Hey guys, hows the weather? grin

Lifes to short to worry about how short life is.

1951 Oldsmobile Super 88 w/303 and hydramatic
My 1953 Chevrolet
1947.1 GMC Art Deco COE / 1947.1 Gallery
1972 C-10 1/2 Ton & 1972 C-30 1 Ton

#364516 - Wed Jan 23 2008 05:44 AM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: rustednuts]  
atomarc  Offline
Master Gabster
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 5,930
Eureka, CA

I'm confused. The flywheel is keyed to the crank. If you had #1 at TDC and the pointer on the ball...and the truck started and ran, then all is as it should be.

As Jim Meier noted, things can be 180&deg out, BUT, the truck wouldn't start! You said it started, so it isn't 180&deg out!

Why isn't the ball where it's suppose to be..I don't know. Some important fact has been overlooked. When you put a light on #1 plug wire, the ball must light up, that's the only way this engine operates.


#364695 - Wed Jan 23 2008 05:58 PM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: philip t]  
philip t  Offline
Shop Shark
Joined: Jul 2007
Posts: 245
central nc
i hear what you are saying jim but the piston only comes to tdc
on the compression stroke once. i rotated the engine until the intake valve closed then brought the piston up to tdc on 1 put in the dizzy the engine will run as it should but the ball on the flywheel is off

#364700 - Wed Jan 23 2008 06:10 PM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: philip t]  
atomarc  Offline
Master Gabster
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 5,930
Eureka, CA
I think there are several options here. You are looking at the incorrect mark on the flywheel, someone has altered the position of the flywheel on the crank (highly unlikely) or you are not clear on what you are seeing or the procedure you are using.

Keep us posted on this brain teaser!


#364737 - Wed Jan 23 2008 07:26 PM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: atomarc]  
Jim Meier  Offline
Shop Shark
Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 480
NW Ohio
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I gave out some bum information.
Earlier in the afternoon I had a root canal and thought the pain killers had wore off. I guess they hadn't.
The pistons hit TDC twice for every revolution of the distributor. The crank will have rotated twice for every rotation of the distributor.
This means that when the steel ball lines up with the pointer it is either on or 180 out. You are static timing it right by watching when the intake valve closes.
I had a similar problem when I put my 235 back together. What I finally ended up doing was watching when the intake valve closed,
then continued to rotate the engine until the ball lined up with the pointer. Then I set the distributor to fire on number 1 cylinder.
Then I followed up by using a timing light when the engine was running to rock in the timing adjustment.

#364885 - Thu Jan 24 2008 12:16 AM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: Jim Meier]  
tclederman  Online
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 24,913
Jarvisburg, NC
Is it possible that some 235 clutch housings (car, maybe) had the timing hole on the carburetor/steering side of the engine (the flywheel would then be marked differently)? My question is probably ridiculous?

1954 3106 Carryall Suburban - part of the family for 45 years
1954 3104 5-window pickup w/Hydra-Matic
Z-series (54/55) GMC 350 (2-ton) COE
If you have to stomp on your starter, either you, or your starter, or your engine, has a problem.

#364924 - Thu Jan 24 2008 02:36 AM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: tclederman]  
atomarc  Offline
Master Gabster
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 5,930
Eureka, CA

I had a '54 Chevy car with a 235 and its peep hole for timing was on the conventional side...above the starter.

The ball is ALWAYS on the pointer when #1 is TDC. It might be TDC on exhaust or it might be TDC on compression, but the ball will always be on the pointer.

This wouldn't apply is someone mechanically altered the location of the flywheel to the crank, but there would be no reason to do this that I can think of...unless someone wanted to use a fresh section of ring gear and went through the trouble of drilling some new holes in the flywheel. I guess stranger things have happened huh!


#364956 - Thu Jan 24 2008 03:33 AM Re: 235 timing mark [Re: atomarc]  
48bigtrucks  Offline
Joined: Mar 2004
Posts: 4,497
Center Point, Iowa
Dumb question, are you turning the engine over in the correct direction while watching the intake valve close?

Scott Ward

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