Posted By: buckaroo01 1953 gmc seat adjuster rod - Sat May 25 2019 10:38 PM
Has anyone replaced the seat adjuster rod grommet ? Just wondering how difficult it is to detach the rod from the seat adjustment lever.
Posted By: Dusty53 Re: 1953 gmc seat adjuster rod - Sun May 26 2019 03:06 PM
I have on my 1954 Chevy 3600, I removed the seat cushions, seat frame and then the driver side adjuster assembly . I was then able to remove the locking rod from the drivers side adjuster assembly by lifting and rotating the assembly so the locking rod comes out of the hole in the lever body. Slide the new rod support (grommet) onto the rod, reattach the rod to the lever and then re-install the driver side adjuster assembly back onto the floor panel / seat riser. Recommend adjusting both adjuster assemblies full forward and then re-install the seat frame, tighten the nuts , next lubricate the tip of the rod support (grommet) and push it up into the hole in seat frame cross bar. Now its just a matter of re-installing the seat cushions. I would suggest you take a picture of both seat adjusters and the rod , in place, before you do any disassembly ........don't ask why I know its a good idea. Two people really needed to removed cushions and frame.
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