Posted By: svwilbur 57 3100 stepside seat upholstery questions - Fri Jul 08 2011 08:46 PM
I noticed that the picture here shows the use of Clips to retain the seat cover steve Taylor's 59 apache and his seat here: the 59 seat back has clips

I am assuming that the 57 is the same as the frame looks the same just the material is different. Did the 57 use clips to hold on the rear cover to the back rest?

Mine has clips on the bottom seat but then there are also about 30 1/2 twist nails holding the left over covering material which I am told is not original even though the seat cover seems original. Very old and under another cover.

The seat back on mine was all hog ringed and the top was hog ringed to the first set of horizontal springs and not the welded on bars for the hog rings. I assumed that it was to get the cover to cover more for the Big wrap around window. But maybe this is all something someone did in the 70's as a re-upholster job.

Steve Taylor's looks like it just uses the Clips, a little wider clip than you can get today at Jim Carter's Seat to Frame Clips: Seat to Frame Clips

Does anyone know how the 57 seat covers were really fastened? Was it just the Clips like on Steve Taylor's 59?

That looks much cleaner than the hog rings, especially when looking through the big back window at what mine use to look like with hog rings.

Posted By: squeeze Re: 57 3100 stepside seat upholstery questions - Fri Jul 08 2011 09:32 PM
most 5-9's I've noticed used the C-clips, but I have seen hog rings with pointy nail-like ends on older upholstery that may have been factory .... I'd go with the clips

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