Posted By: John Milliman What is this tool? - Sun Oct 11 2020 08:07 PM
Got this in a mixed bucket of stuff at an auction. Anyone know what it is and who the maker was? Trademark appears to be a circled A. I could go look it up on Alloy Artifacts, but its easier to one of you experts who know what it is id it wink

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Posted By: bartamos Re: What is this tool? - Sun Oct 11 2020 08:26 PM
Chevrolet 1914-1918 Vintage JAXON No. 4 J4 K4 LUG WRENCH Wheel Wrench Tire Tool. Wire brush between handle and "T" and find the word "JAXON".
GM purchased Jaxon Steel Corp. About 1918-1919.

The Jackson Automobile Co.
Jackson, Michigan
The Jaxon was an American Steam Car built by The Jackson Automobile Co. in Jackson, Michigan in 1903. 1903 was the only year for this Steam Car and the Jaxon gasoline automobile simultaneously built that same year. Price $975.00.

After one year of production the Jaxon Steam Car lacked sales and production was stopped. However, Jaxon gas automobile continued as the Jackson.

Jaxon features included a 72 inch wheelbase and a standard track, side lever steering, double acting brakes, the axles were made of steel tubing, 30 inch x 3 inch artillery wheels, Dunlap tires, 35 gallons of water for the boiler and 10 gallons of gasoline.

Recent sales of the Lug wrench are around 15 bucks. I am not an expert but I like to research stuff. I think the A in circle in some kind of foundry mark?
There are other "J" sizes. J2, J8 etc. A very cool find.
Posted By: John Milliman Re: What is this tool? - Sun Oct 11 2020 11:41 PM
Neat! Thanks!
Posted By: 52Carl Re: What is this tool? - Fri Oct 16 2020 04:10 AM
That, my friend, is a lug wrench for an unfortunate farmer with one good hand and a not so useful nub on the end of his other arm.
Posted By: Doc.Hall Re: What is this tool? - Wed Oct 21 2020 04:53 PM
52Carl is obviously from the Midwest or the Farm Belt of the United States. I remember all the times that my dad and I went to farm shows and antique farm shows. As we walked down the isles of shows like Ames, Iowa or Florida Flywheelers my dad would ask a person that had a missing hand or arm, WHAT BRAND? and the farmer would say Gleaner, John Deere, IH, etc. My cousin had to cut off his own hand due to an IH combine in Peoria, his brother ran for help but Ralph decided to do it himself before he bled out. These old guys were tough. It may be that this narrative should be in the Greasy Spoon. Oh yeah the wrench is probably an Atlas tool company which was bought out by Craftsman Tool. It appears that Warren Buffett bought out Craftsman Tool recently. I hope he demands quality. I have one here on my weird tool board which is on loan to the County Museum. Just ask I probably have it or may know about it. I'm currently getting the list made up for items to sell for Stovebolt Forum, Kathryn will probably encourage me to sell them for the Forum. I'm going on 72 so my show and tell time could come to an end anytime. This tool was made in Sweden. Still somewhat happy and better in Florida. Doc.
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