Posted By: Mike Burns 4 post lift - Sun Oct 20 2019 01:09 PM
Just finished assembly and fine tuning of my new 4 post lift. No more crawling around under old rust for this old man. Wish I could have done it many years ago.
Posted By: Eureka Jim Re: 4 post lift - Mon Oct 21 2019 01:23 AM
I'm happy for you, Mike! Great addition to your shop. The only way I'd be happier is if you were my next door neighbor.
Posted By: sstock Re: 4 post lift - Mon Oct 21 2019 12:33 PM
I did that and 2012 and that is by far the best tool in the garage and great for our aging bones!
Posted By: Justhorsenround Re: 4 post lift - Mon Oct 21 2019 01:01 PM
Bought one 4 years ago. Best investment in my back, ever!
Posted By: coilover Re: 4 post lift - Mon Oct 21 2019 02:32 PM
Lots of different opinions on 2 vs 4 post lifts but almost zero argument on which is better when joints get old and muscles aren't as flexible. My 2 post gathers dust now while the 4 post gets a near daily workout. I did get rolling jacks for the 4 post so one can do brakes, suspension, etc, all at a comfortable height. If I got down to position the arms on the 2 post it would take at least two of the young skinny guys to stand the old fat guy back upright.
Posted By: sstock Re: 4 post lift - Mon Oct 21 2019 02:38 PM
Evan, you make a completely valid point, every garage needs both a 4 post and two post lift. Every time I do a tire rotation, I tell myself about the value of a two post
Posted By: Allen Lane Re: 4 post lift - Sun Dec 08 2019 02:33 AM
Which one did you get Mike? Seems to me the rolling jack is the great equalizer to the 2 post, plus I can store my vette on it to save a space. Sucks that bendpack went to standard gray paint. I don't want any gray in my shop.
Posted By: Mike Burns Re: 4 post lift - Sun Dec 08 2019 02:12 PM
I bought the Titan extended version. A little taller and a little longer. I was talking to a guy who had the standard version and he said that his Ford F150 wouldn't fit under it, and barely fit on top, lengthwise. So I bought the EXT version, and am glad that I did. A friend helped me move the heavy pieces around to approximate locations, and from there I assembled it myself. I'm basically happy with the quality, instructions, and etc. I've only had it for a couple of months, but already love it. I didn't spring for the rolling jack, but it would be a nice addition. Mine came with a sliding jack tray that I think will meet most of my needs, plus I'm somewhat of a tightwad.
Posted By: TUTS 59 Re: 4 post lift - Sun Dec 08 2019 02:54 PM
I guess you just became the most popular guy on the block. grin
Posted By: Mike B Re: 4 post lift - Sun Dec 08 2019 07:14 PM
My 4-post came from a Midas Muffler shop that was relocating and not taking their lifts.

I blasted and painted it before I installed it in my shop. It's rated at 12,000 pounds and will pick up the tow truck, but not the fire truck...

Mike B smile

Attached picture Tow truck on lift 2-12-05 02.jpg
Posted By: Pat66 Re: 4 post lift - Sun Dec 08 2019 07:24 PM
Hey Mike B, I think there is room for one of one of my trucks under that,Pat
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