Posted By: Markiemark9 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Sep 16 2020 05:57 PM
I previously built a 1951 Chevy 1/2 ton and have always loved the pre-war trucks. Well as luck would have it, I stumbled onto a 1939 barn find. I bought it from the son of the original owner and even got an original title with it! I brought it home and now the fun starts. Here's the plan:

[*]Leave the exterior as is (replacing the rear fenders and tailgate)
[*]Restore the cab interior to it's original glory in factory styling
[*]Lower stance
[*]Detroit Steel wheels
[*]5.3L LS Motor from early 2000's Silverado
[*]4L60e Transmission
[*]1975 K10 Rear End

Here are some pics:

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Posted By: Rusty Rod Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Sep 16 2020 06:09 PM
Greetings. Your truck is very similar to the 39 I had some years ago. I used a mid 70's rear end as well, along with the brake system components. The rear end was a touch wider than I would have liked. I used a Heidts weld in kit for the front. Have fun!
Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Sep 16 2020 07:00 PM
Thanks for your reply! Backing plate to backing plate it looks like I’ll have an extra inch on each side (that I hope to hide with special offset wheels).
Posted By: J Lucas Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Sep 16 2020 09:46 PM
Great score. thumbs_up

Posted By: D B Cooper Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Sep 16 2020 10:51 PM
Nice find, I’m jealous!

You may have a challenge squeezing a 5.3 in there but I’m sure it’s doable.

Here’s my 38 I did back in 03. 350/350 and pro street rear (what was I thinking?) from a 75 Camaro.

Look forward to seeing your progress.

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Posted By: Fox Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Thu Sep 17 2020 04:16 AM
Cool truck, Mark.

I see where all that cash went now, hey Mr. DB Cooper!
Posted By: olezippi Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Thu Sep 17 2020 11:12 AM
Good looking little pickup.
Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Sep 30 2020 12:22 PM
I've been pretty busy accumulating the parts needed for this build and starting to mock some things up over the past few weeks.

I've collected my S10 chassis, LS motor from a 2001 Silverado (LM7) complete with harness and computer, 4L60e Transmission, original and salvageable rear fenders, tailgate and front bumper.

I've also reworked and thinned the stock LS harness (info found on []) and am having the computer programmed with all unnecessary items (like emissions, neutral safety switch, etc,) removed as well as as a base tune applied).

I'm in the process now of mocking in the LS motor to the S10 chassis including motor mounts, exhaust configuration, fuel lines, etc. I figure it's much easier to do all this when there is no sheet metal in the way and the frame and components have not yet been powder coated/cleaned up.

Below are several pics of my progress over the past few weeks with more to come soon!

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Posted By: D B Cooper Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Thu Oct 01 2020 01:02 AM
Hey Markiemark9,

Sounds like you’ve been busy. I’m interested in your project and your progress but I’m not a FB subscriber. Hard for me to view your pictures. Can you post the pictures on this site?

What plans do you have for the LS with regard to freshening up or O/H?
Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Oct 21 2020 12:50 PM
I fixed that - just took some figuring out on my end - thanks for calling out!

As for the motor, I'm simply freshening up. Rear main seal, oil pan gasket, etc. - nothing too major.

The last few weeks have continued to be a flurry of activity. I fully welded in the engine mounts and mounted the motor, got it running with the new thinned down harness and after degreasing, pulled the front clip and pulled the bed. I'm 2 front cab bolts from the cab being removed and then it's time to start mocking everything up on the S10 chassis. I plan to mount the body above the chassis given the width issue at the firewall that we all know about. The S10 chassis is on lowered spindles and blocks on the rear so it should all sit pretty low as is, even with the sheetmetal mounted 3 3/14" above the frame.

Some more pics!

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Posted By: TUTS 59 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Oct 21 2020 07:13 PM
Nice progress on your build. Sounds like you have the finished idea all worked out, should be sweet.
Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Oct 21 2020 08:08 PM
Thanks! I'll certainly be looking to this group as I start restoring the body/cab, etc.
Posted By: coilover Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Oct 21 2020 08:38 PM
We did a 1940 restomod (maybe leaning toward full custom) using the factory frame, MII ifs, and Explorer rear end. This was done to do away with any body, bed, front sheet metal mounting woes. Have also done several S10 conversions which are fine also. The Explorer rear is 59.75" wide and a good fit or the Trailblazer also fits good but the 6 bolt lug bolt pattern is metric so either a re-drill or metric wheels are needed. You scored a WAY better find that the 1940 pictured but it come out decent.

[img][/img] []
Posted By: D B Cooper Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Thu Oct 22 2020 11:26 AM
Thanks for the pictures, it’s coming along nicely.

Looks like you'll have a good place to work on it during our lovely Nebraska winter that’s just ahead.

Keep us posted.
Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Tue Oct 27 2020 01:01 PM
I got the cab removed last night! Tonight some fellas are gonna help me get it situated on the S10 chassis so I can start fabricating my body mounts.
I just gotta pull the running boards and I’m about done with the original chassis and drivetrain.

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Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Wed Oct 28 2020 11:29 AM
I'm still marching along! With some muscle provided by a few buddies - we got this mocked up tonight!!!
Lots of work to get the body panels all sitting right on the S10 chassis but it’s a motivating step!

Now I'll start working on getting everything in exactly the right spot, trimming and fabricating so that I can get to making the chassis pretty!

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Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Fri Nov 06 2020 02:41 PM
I'm excited to share that I got the front sheetmetal all hung around the LS motor! I still need to set the motor back a few more inches to allow for the radiator to have the room it needs but happy with how this is all progressing!

I also got my body mounts tacked together and mocked up so now I can finish welding them up and the cab will be fully mounted!

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Posted By: D B Cooper Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Sat Nov 07 2020 12:09 PM
Great progress!

Will you need to recess the firewall to get that LS in there?

Keep up the good work.
Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Fri Nov 13 2020 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by D B Cooper
Great progress!

Will you need to recess the firewall to get that LS in there?

Keep up the good work.

I was able to get the engine fully installed without any firewall modifications though i did have to set it back about 6" further towards the firewall than the "off the shelf" S10 LS Conversion motor mounts allowed.

In other news, I started on the boiled linseed oil/mineral spirits application (70%/30%) for the front clip and cab. I still need to figure out my bed mounting situation but we're moving right along on getting everything re-situated on the S10 chassis!

Waiting on the shortened driveshaft to come back also.

Attached picture BEFORE_AFTER.jpg
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Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Tue Nov 17 2020 03:29 PM

Body is back off and I'm going to start restoring the cab interior as well as the chassis now that everything is mocked up. Engine and trans are bolted in (finishing touches being made to trans cross-member design), fuel lines all ran, exhaust is tacked in place (will remove to fully weld, grind, & coat, etc.), Driveline needs to be shortened and then it can be reinstalled, brake-lines are all run.

Since the truck was originally boatswain blue, I'll be using this Rustolum textured spray paint for the interior (

This truck was my inspiration on the color:

Attached picture 125512773_10100792903123098_7946648967176807220_n.jpg
Attached picture IMG_1997.jpg
Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Sat Nov 21 2020 03:09 PM

Got the bed cleaned up and set roughly in place while I wait for the shortened driveline to be finished. I also got a few interior panels cleaned up and painted (they are more of a saddle brown than the pics suggest).

Attached picture E8BE905F-F5A5-41D5-B2DC-6C5C8608F3AD.jpeg
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Posted By: D B Cooper Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Sat Nov 21 2020 03:45 PM
That all looks great, really like the interior panels. That saddle color is a nice touch.

You’re moving right along!
Posted By: Markiemark9 Re: 1939 RestoMod Pickup - Thu Nov 26 2020 08:47 PM
While the driveline is being shortened and balanced I finished up the exhaust and started putting body panels back on.

I also decided to hit the Chevrolet script in the tailgate with a bit of dry brushed white to match the doors.

Here is the latest!

Attached picture 03678866-37CF-407F-BDD7-728D5716E094.jpeg
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