Posted By: Fox 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Tue Apr 23 2019 04:29 AM
I don’t know if I’m a sucker for punishment or not, but I really enjoy working on these old girls. I have been waiting for my baby daughter to arrive (due tomorrow), waiting on parts for Grandpa’s C10, and waiting on shipping mistakes. So in the meantime, I pulled out pieces I had started a couple years ago, which I was supposed to be building until the C10 fell back into my world, and got back to work on the 1950 1/2 ton.

I tested out my new welder. It runs beautifully on the MiG setting but I was itching to get the TIG going. I practiced a bit and then jumped in both feet into welding out panels on the box that I am building. I have found it very difficult to get the “stacked dimes” but I have progressed very quickly in my own mind. Now I only have to sharpen my tungsten about once every 15 minutes or so, compared to every other arc! At first things were bumpy and crooked and I had to grind things out to make it look good on the front panel’s front side against the box. The left bed side tube needed a little grinding, and the right even less. A few stitches look very good, whilst others are hmmmmm but still good enough. I will use very minimal filler but it is going well.

I welded out the front panel, left and right tubes of the bed sides with the TIG, and the rear cross sill with the MIG. I love how the TIG heat and warpage is sooo much less invasive. The tubes on the bed sides barely moved. The rear sill however, bowed about 1/8” over 4ft. Pretty good, but I bet if I’d tigged it, it would’ve stayed straight. In all I welded about 16ft with the tig last night and tonight and it is going well. I just have to finish the spot welds for the angle strips (it’s tacked), weld in nuts for the rear sill to bed side bolts, attach/drill the holes for the front panel to cross sill, and I can call this box ready and done for body and paint work.

Some of these photos are older and were in another thread but I figured I keep the whole build in one place. Here’s where the 1/2 ton sits..

Frame/Front Sheet: 12 hours
Box: 15
Total: 27

I am not including the hours spent swapping the cab and sheet metal from the old one ton onto this truck and vice versa.
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Wed Apr 24 2019 04:07 AM
“Captive nuts” welded into the rear cross sill for tailgate and box mounting.
Angle strip completely spot/plug welded into place.
Fender mounting holes drilled through the angle strip in the front and rear position.

Box: 16
Total: 28
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Fri Apr 26 2019 03:35 AM
Tonight I finished grinding out the right box top side and then promptly dropped it and smashed the end of the top tube from a circle shape into a 1/2 circle. **** me off. So I had to beat it back into shape with a BFH and a rounded piece of sucker rod.this slowed me down considerably. I then began mock-up on the frame to check fit and see if things lined up. I have to remove the rear sill and shave about 1/8” off the ends in order to get my holes to line up perfectly. The box is 1/“8 wide because of the sill width and consequently the holes for the sill to bed side are out about this distance. I also mocked up the front sill so I can prep my home made front panel for the lower mounting lip. I will just plug weld a piece of angle iron onto it with holes drilled to bolt into the cross sill. Then I can mock up tailgate and begin bed wood work I suppose. We will see if those C10 parts come in! 😎

Frame/Sheet: 12
Box: 18
Total: 30

If anybody is interested, in the picture that shows the box from the direct rear you can notice that the top tube is plugged on the right. This is simply a 1&5/8” frost plug reversed and rubber hammered into place. I have tried this on an actual original Chevy box side and it will work there as well. It is super cheap, fast, easy, and I think it looks pretty good. I will drill a small hole and put a tiny plug weld into the tube so it never backs out.
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Mon Apr 29 2019 04:00 AM
I couldn’t resist bolting it on! I have one hole that is about 3/32 of an inch out. A little touch with the die grinder and I’ll be in good shape!
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Mon May 06 2019 04:28 AM
Tonight I removed the tires, blocked it, ripped out the old shocks, spring overload “steel rubbers”, brake lines, and began examining the rear end for the 62 3.90 rear gear swap I have planned for this truck. My pal wants the old torque tube and 4.10 gear for a project he is working on, so I’ll be glad to get rid of that big piece of iron!

Frame: 10.5
Sheet: 3
Box: 18
Total: 31.5
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Fri May 10 2019 04:27 AM
A few nights ago I tore the old brake shoes and drums off. The left rear was a real bear and fought me the whole way. The bloody shoe was so badly worn into the drum that I had to back off the adjuster the whole way, and of course it’s 70 years old, rusty, cruddy and didn’t like to move. After backing it off the whole way, I still had to hammer and pry the snot out of the drum to get it to budge. The brake and drums are off.

Tonight I blocked up the frame on the driveway pad and proceeded to remove the rear center section to redo seals and such before I install the 62 rear gear. I’m doing this to get an open driveline for my 261 and T5 combination that’s sitting in the parts shed awaiting rebuild. I was in a good mood and was bobbing my head to the music as I raised up the back end, blocked it, removed the diff cover...all is good! Whoop whoop. “This stuff is fun!”
Then I went to remove the locking bolt for the axle spacer between the axle side gears...
SNAP! It twisted off.

You...dirty...m...(insert your very colourful language here and then do it again. And again. And again).

I tried to drill it in order to try an easy out. I started to drill and then the bloody bolt pushed in further! What the?! It snapped off right where the threads ended but of course it had a lip that was like a barb and forced it deeper with little hope of extraction. By this point I was extremely mad and should have gone to bed. But I began to think that my pal likely has parts for this kind of screw up. I wanted that gear out tonight. So what to do?
That won’t work...
I doubt I can get in there...
Would this work.. bugger, of course not....

I had a neighbour once tell me, “If you’re going to hit it, *bleeping* hit it!”


Enter my BFH! grabbed a long punch, my vise grips, and my sledge hammer. I hit that bloody pinion gear shaft as hard as I could and after a few blows I sheared that keeper bolt sideways. I was able to get the spacer out with surprisingly little damage. Hopefully my pal is able to salvage what remains. I packed up quickly and shut down as the mosquitoes were starting to swarm in force and my light was fading fast.

I checked my ‘62 axles and c clips, gears, etc that I took from the donor ‘62 to see how they looked compared to the 50’s. This install might work out after all. I hate twisted off bolts like that. That was one nearly impossible, methinks.

I’ll grab some pictures later to update as the sun had set and dusk was deep.

Frame: 17
Sheet: 3
Box: 18
Total: 38


Here you can see the sheared keeper bolt. What a dirty bugger.
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Sat May 11 2019 04:10 AM
Tonight I had to clean shop. It seems you do a little job here, a little job there, here, there, and soon every bloody tool, welder, grinder that you have is out. Then you’re sidling past things, it gets annoying, and in some cases is going to cause you to hurt yourself. So I spent 45 minutes putting things away, taking out old cardboard, sweeping, and cleaning some oiled up tools from the rear gear pull last night. Shop looks decent once again and I’m not so ashamed when visitors step in to see what’s happening in my workspace.

As a note, clean up times do not get totaled into my hours. I have had people actually ask me that! I may do things slowly but I try to be as honest with my time as I can. I’m still learning.

Afterwards I dug into the parts shed, which by some miracle is actually pretty organized, and pulled out the ‘62 rear gear. I can’t believe it but I pulled that rear gear over 5 years ago from an old farmer just south of town who let me at that old c10. I pulled the pinion nut and the pinion and of course the yoke was wrapped up with packed grass/hayfrom driving in the fields at some point. I pressed out the seal and bearing. The seal was in rough shape but the surrounding areas look pretty good. I also disassembled the other components in preparation for a deep clean. This will also enable me to deep clean the outer housing without fear of contaminating the bearings. Things went well tonight.

Frame: 18
Sheet: 3
Box: 20
Total: 41
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Mon May 13 2019 04:11 AM
Rear seals removed, rear bearings removed, rear end pulled from truck. The spring hangers on the very back are completely egged out and will need to be replaced. I think one of my parts trucks has a decent set on the back. The rubber seals are still intact on that truck so I’ll remove that rear end as well and then transfer the spring mounts to this truck. The frame on the parts truck is rotten at the “K/X”(...main?) cross member. I’m looking froward to getting that 3.90 installed. Well, after some cleaning, welding, blasting, and painting!

I also ripped a handful more boards for the bedwood. I cut them to length but will need to square them up, route them, and plane them at my father in laws’s shop.

Total: 43

Update- May 13th:
I ripped out the parts truck suspension with the old gas axe tonight. It took me longer than I expected. It’s weird how that happens, eh? The spring’s clips are broken on the parts truck, hangers look good, shackles look decent (for a 68 year old truck), but the housing is shot. I should be able to salvage at least one complete rear end between these 3 trucks.

Frame: 21.5
Total: 44.5
Posted By: Fuzzyx33 Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Tue May 14 2019 12:17 AM
Man they look good. I’m in the middle (well more like the beginning) of a rebuild on a 50 3100. Ours look very similar. Thanks for sharing
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Wed May 22 2019 04:19 AM
I have ripped the boards to length and width. I had to square them up with a straight edge and a circular saw before running them through the table saw. I still have to plane them and then rip the strip grooves though.

I also removed spring hangers from a parts truck and removed the bushings and pivots. They were rust welded in place. I had to cut, slice, dice and then press them out. The hanger housings are in ok shape. There was a slight wear on both so I mixed up some JB weld and filled them in. I then hand filed them down to smooth. They should be fine when I get new bushings installed.

Frame: 23
Box: 22
Sheet: 3
Total: 48

🦊😎 A good few nights.

Next up. Front end removal and then hopefully get back on the C10.
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Thu May 23 2019 05:02 AM
Front end removed. (Looks like I need to buy more jack stands...) The springs may be salvageable but the front axle is shot methinks. It looks bent and the slop in the kingpins is ridiculous. So I will have to make a trip to my parts truck on the farm for an axle. That one should be ok with new kingpins and a hone job. Time will tell. But I do believe I can refurbish all the springs in this truck and reuse them in order to save about $1000. My time is free...ish. Haha!

Frame: 24.5
Box: 22
Sheet: 3
Total: 49.5

I could have used some bats and spiders around me tonight. The mosquitoes were in swarms around me. I was spraying bug spray, brake cleaner, acetone, everything, anything, and those little buggers kept coming in SWARMS. Terrible. They ruined an actually pretty fun time wrenching tonight.
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Wed May 29 2019 05:08 AM
Original front end partially disassembled.
Parts truck front end removed in preparation for clean up, inspection, and part swapping. It actually looks pretty good. Rusty but good.

Frame:26 hours
Total: 51 hours
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Mon Jun 03 2019 05:04 AM
I have broken down the original front end. The axle is shot but most of what’s left is ok. I ripped off the brake components and have them in a box. I sandblasted the rear brake pieces like the parking brake strut, etc. I ordered new springs for the rear guts as well. I sandblasted the front tie rod connecting arms and steering arm and painted them black. I also pressed out the old kingpins on the bent axle. The knuckles/spindles are in pretty good shape considering the slop that was in them. I think new bushings will suffice, but if the parts truck’s spindles are in better shape I will use them.

I only have these pictures to show for all that work! Maybe I’ll snap some more. I love doing this stuff. It’s instant gratification compared to beating your head against a wall (or a cancerous door from a 1970 C10).

Frame: 30
Box: 22
Sheet: 3
Total: 55
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Wed Jun 12 2019 04:46 AM
I have been sand blasting more parts and have blasted the knuckles, front backing plates and spacer cylinders for the knuckle/backing plate mounting. I then had to reweld the shoe sliding surfaces on the backing plates as the had some pretty good ridges and I figured, being this far in, I may as well build them up and grind ‘em down smooth. Then I shot them in a coat of gloss black. I removed a couple broken lug studs from the front hubs and separated the hub from the old drum. I will bolt the new ones on as Jerry has suggested using a countersink bit. I pressed out the old bearing races in preparation to blast the hubs for thread tapping and paint, then install the new races/bearings.

Next, I began tearing into the parts truck axle to get the straight axle out of it. Thankfully it looks really straight. I might use one of its knuckles as one of my original knuckles may be wallowed out. I’ll see when I test fit pieces as Grigg suggested to me in the Driveline forum. I cut off the old UBolts, the tie rods and pounded out the remaining pieces. Then it was time to come in for the night. School night, ya know.

Frame: 33
Box: 22
Sheet: 3
Total: 58 hours

So far things are going so smoothly on this part of the truck. Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that!

Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Mon Jun 17 2019 06:16 PM
I have the parts axle torn down, but still have to remove the kingpins. The one spindle has a large gouge in it from a spun bearing race, so it is shot. I had to finally cut it out with a die grinder. It was a dirty bugger. Thankfully, the other side looks OK, so between the two trucks I should be able to have two good spindles/knuckles. I had to separate the lug stud backing plate on the back of the hub as it was so full of junk and crud that I couldn't justify trying to simply wash and paint it. So I pressed out all the lug studs, then cleaned and blasted the hub and plates. I cut new gaskets (I was surprised to find them in there to be honest) and then painted the pieces. I also painted the rubber spring bumpers, springs caster shims, and some more brake pieces. I am looking forward to starting the build up. Working with clean, painted, shiny parts is so much fun. I still have to:

1. Disassemble springs and refurbish them by removing rust scale, ridges, gouges, etc. Paint and reassemble.
2. Pull the parts axle's kingpins, blast it, paint it.
2. Blast the rear axle housing and modify it for an open driveshaft.

Once this little escapade is over, I'm going to jump back into the '70 C10 door fiasco for a little bit. Hopefully I can get the sheet metal work on that truck done this summer.

Frame: 38
Box: 22
Sheet: 3
Total: 63 hours

Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Tue Jul 02 2019 05:56 AM
I have the parts axle completely bare and awaiting a blast and paint. Then, I disassembled the front leaf packs and took out the rough spots and ridges, and then scuffed and painted them. I have one assembled but I still have to figure out the clinch clips as I cut them off to disassemble the leaves. I might just weld on some little extensions and then bolt them together like the spring packs on the one tons.

I went to one of my parts trucks and picked off some rear fenders. Between the two sets of fenders, I should be able to make one decent set of rear fenders. The blue ones were bolted to a seriously heavy duty bumper, likely installed by a PO who likes 3/8” checker plate, that I had to torch out! The bad part is that the PO drilled multiple holes in the fenders and then cut the lower couple inches off the back of the fenders to have them sit flush to the crazy bumper! I have a lot of steel work to do in the fenders, but at least they will be steel and original fenders, not reproductions. Work is going slowly but steady here at “Fox Rods!” Hahaha! Of course things go slowly when you work alone and have two kids under two years old!

My father in law brought over his ‘48 Fargo the other day. Everett helped Papa clean out the cab and box to prep it for the Canada Day Show and Shine. It was fun, but for naught. It absolutely POURED buckets of rain on the show today. Ugh. It was fun driving in the rain but no one stuck around to see the show and the festivities all around town basically shut down as people headed home early because of the rain.

Frame: 40
Box: 23
Sheet: 3
Total: 66 hours
Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Wed Jul 10 2019 04:59 AM
I’ve been pretty busy this week. Playing with and chasing Everett around, helping Mama Bear with baby Eliza, weeding the garden and beds, yard work, removing trees for my little old lady neighbour (she pays me in expired Vintage Truck, Antique Power magazines that she gets free from work and cookies!), helping dad with his bobcat and car brakes, shingle quotes for our roof, but somehow I’ve been getting in time on the trucks in the late evening. I better thank my wife for that! 😉 It’s cute now because Everett has really taken a liking to this 1300. When he sees it he says, “ Everett’s ...chruck (truck).” One day bud! I wonder if his sister will want the C10 one day?

I welded on the extensions on the clinch clips on the springs and then drilled holes for bolts. I cut stainless tube as a roller to put over the bolt. The springs look great and should be good for a long while still. I removed the bushings from the frame for the front spring shackles. They were a bear to get out, oh boy. I then pressed in new bearings as well. I cleaned up some areas with a wire wheel and cleaner and then simply painted areas with Rustoleum gloss black. I’m going this route on this truck frame’s underpinnings for simplicity, price, ease of touch up, etc; plus when the cab and box are off I’m going to get my nephew to help me paint the frame. I think he will like that. He’s 8 years old.

I pressed out the old rear axle studs and cleaned, blasted, painted, prepped the pieces and installed new studs as the old ones were heavily worn around their circumference.

I took the “new,” straight, parts front straight axle, tie rod, and the rear axle housing to my pal’s and blasted them. They turned out great. I painted them with gloss black and let them dry. Then I greased the kingpin thrust bearings and then assembled the king pins and spindles on the axle. It went very well, except I had to redo one side as it had too much gap and had to be shimmed 0.003 to be within spec.

Then the fun stuff!! I installed the front springs, front axle, backing plates, steering arms, spindles, shocks, packed bearings, installed hubs and wheel cylinders. Things are flying off the counter now! It is going very well and it is very enjoyable.

I envy those builders who are able to sidetrack rust, irritation, rebuilding, refurbishing, cussing and time spent by using brand new parts on everything. I had to get some parts new (because they were toast) but I do get great satisfaction after all the effort to see the original pieces going back on the truck. I often tell the old truck, “Be patient. You’ll be right straight again soon.” Straight, clean, painted, shiny. Woooo doggy! I swear sometimes I hear it say, “I know.”

As Martin says, “There is no cure!”

Frame: 54
Box: 23
Sheet: 3
Total: 80
I thought I would include a photo of my shop whiteboard showing where I track my hours every time I pick something up on this truck. It was from a couple nights ago. 😉

Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Wed Aug 07 2019 05:39 AM
It has been a while but I had my roof reshingled and have been hampered heavily by extensive rains in July. The ground simply can’t soak up any more. We have had 22 days of rain in July. Brutal. Even the high ground is squishing and squishing. After the roof, I have been trying to refascia the eaves and replace the eavestroughing, in between rain storms of course. In addition, my wife and I have been doing some family, summer time, holiday stuff. I had plans to attend a couple truck shows in this time, but no luck. We’ve just been too busy.

But this is what has been happening on this truck: usually late at night. I bet the neighbours think I’m weird.
1. Front brakes installed.
2. 1962 3.90 open rear end cleaned, inspected, lined, reassembled, and reinstalled in the housing.
3. Rear axles disassembled, inspected, cleaned and reinstalled.
4. Rear drums prepped and painted.
5. Rear braking assemblies completed, rebuilt, refurbished, replaced, installed.
6. Everything requiring paint, blasted and painted.
7. Rear springs disassembled, inspected, cleaned, painted, reassembled.

It has been a slow slog on this rear end.
My rear bushings for the springs and relocation kit have arrived from CP.

Now, I am going to rant here a little about Classic Parts. On May 27, I ordered a rear suspension relocation kit from them so I didn’t have to fab up anything to reposition that axle housing. Simple. Well, the piece was drop shipped, meaning they don’t actually have that item. They have to get it from a supplier, mark it up, and send it to me.

Ok. So, along with my bushing and shackles, my total was $238 US. Plus shipping. Ok I can eat a bit more shipping for no fab up or thinking.

Well, I checked in and my order had been on hold for nearly a month to make sure I wanted the relocation item. Frick. Yes. Please send it.

Well, the shipping is more now, because the manufacturer ships it to CP, and then they pass on this cost to the consumer. Grr. $440 US. What?! $200? Frick. Are you serious or retarded?

By this point I’m irritated and seriously contemplated telling them to stuff it and keep all the pieces, I’ll go elsewhere and get helped there, but I didn’t. So I pulled the trigger and said yes.

My package arrived today and on top of all that I had to pay a COD to receive the parts. $80! Another unexpected shipping charge. Frick.

Brutal CP. BRUTAL. After that fiasco, they should have delivered them in person and apologized.

My parts: 2 tie rod ends, 2 rear shackles, and a relocation kit for the rear axle:

Total cost: $662.00 Canadian. For those little parts.
Unbelievable. I am not using CP anymore simply because it seems every time I do, I get fudged on shipping. BIG TIME.

If they don’t have the item in stock, go elsewhere using vendors, people. Check locally. I am from now on and will only order stuff like that if I can’t find it locally or can’t build it myself. 😡

Rant over. Live and learn.


Box: 23
Frame: 71
Sheet: 3
Total: 97 hours

Posted By: Fox Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Sat Aug 10 2019 04:30 AM
Today I cut the old torque tube mounting pivots off my axle housing. I pressed in the bushings for the rear springs in both the spring eye and the frame eye. I then installed the rear springs. I bolted up the rear conversion kit from Classic Parts that actually came from Classic Performance Products- CPP (Write that down people). I still have to set the pinion angle, but I might wait until I have the engine and tranny mocked into place to ensure an accurate measurement to each other. So as of tonight, the 1300 is back on 4 wheels and seems to be sitting a lot higher up than before because of the rebuilt springs, new bushings, etc. I still need my tie rod ends so I can easily move it around. Grrrr...

I had to remove the left brake drum as it was tight as a son of o gun and I’m not sure why. I wonder if the little wheel adjuster got mixed up with the wrong parts when I was blasting things. It is like the shoes are in the expanded state. The right is just like the left and it isn’t hung up. Weird. I have to dig a bit more.

Late this evening I took the baby monitor and went into the shop while my wife went for a walk. I pulled the old stomp starter bellhousing off my original 235 low pressure, which runs decently by the way, and I suspect it would run like a sewing machine if I replaced that broken rocker arm on #4. But I will be mating the housing to a 57 261 so I figured I may as well begin prepping things. I then pulled out of the shed a T5 that I removed from of an ‘86 S10 about 4 years ago for this exact project that got sidelined by the 1 ton and Grandpa’s C10 (Oh yeah! I got to get back to work on that one too!). I really can’t believe how easily GM made matching up parts. I drilled out the holes in the tranny to 1/2” and it slid right up just like all the reading I’ve done said. I will change the input shaft as per the Bolt’s tech tip to use the original clutch, pressure plate, etc. The original shaft has some slop, as does the output, so a compete rebuild will be necessary. Today was a decent day wrenching.

Box: 23
Frame: 73.5
Sheet: 3
Total: 99.5


It’s scary to think that at $100/hour shop rate, I’d have $10,000 sunk into this truck in labour... Yeesh. I don’t think Mama Bear would let that one slide!
She’s not a show stopper, but I’m happy with my work.
Posted By: Canadian_guy Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Sun Oct 13 2019 07:59 PM

I experienced a similar situation with the replacement instrument cluster glass I was trying to buy from The Filling Station. The glass was 20.00, and the shipping was 50.00 ( USD ) The total after conversion was just shy of 90.00 Sheesh, expensive stuff. It feels like we are taken advantage of up North, for sure. I agree with your statement to check with other suppliers. I have even found some parts through Rockauto for the 1946. Unfortunately even their shipping costs are really starting to climb. I did finally purchase the gauge glass from Chevs of the '40s, the glass cost was the same, but they only charged me 15.00 shipping!

Looking good, keep on, keep on!
Posted By: klhansen Re: 1950 Chevrolet 1300 (Cdn) Build - Sun Oct 13 2019 08:51 PM
You guys in Canada aren't alone in getting screwed on shipping. Classic Parts won't even ship to Alaska, even though we are part of the USA. I even corresponded with them on a small item that would ship in a USPS flat rate box for a few dollars, and they refused. WTH!!
Amazon is even stranger. I tried buying a waterproof storage box in orange, that they said couldn't be shipped to Alaska. I asked about it, and they responded that it was because of manufacturer restrictions, so I contacted the manufacturer and asked them. They of course said it didn't matter at all to them, and commented that Amazon's shipping policies were totally insane. I wound up buying the identical item in green, which Amazon would ship. It boggles the mind.
Then there's Sears. I tried buying a lid for a damaged Craftsman tool box, and didn't want to pay $20 to ship a $10 item, so called them. The guy offered to send me two of them with free shipping so I said OK. They charged my credit card in January and proceeded to send me backorder notices every month or so. I called a couple times to ask when I might see it, and got nothing, so finally told them to refund the charge and cancel the order.
Sorry for the rant.
I have had good service from RockAuto at reasonable shipping costs, even for larger stuff like rocker panels. Shipping issues is one of the reasons I took a road trip down to Missouri last spring to pick up a bunch of stuff from Jim Carter that would have cost a ton to ship to me.
You might try them. They seem to be very accommodating on shipping.
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