1959 GMC 100 RESTO

Posted By: Demosouthpaw

1959 GMC 100 RESTO - Sat Apr 20 2019 11:10 AM

Hi guys this is my first Resto ever!

Been working on this 59 since about Jan now. I've been using the forms now for just about as long, to help with most of my work. I'll put some before and after pictures are I knock sections out little by little.

Initally my goal was to do as much as a frame off as humanly possible on a budget and in my garage. I began by removing the bed and grinding as much rust off as possible.

Mid way through the process I realized the bed was shot had rust holes the size of my fist. So I took it to the scrap yard and moved on.

The frame was pretty solid so it was strait forward, grind rust off, convert the metal, then paint.

Description: Bed removed
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Re: 1959 GMC 100 RESTO - Sat Apr 20 2019 11:19 AM

From the frame I moved to the front of the truck, I removed as much "stuff" as I could and gave this engine bay area a good cleaning, sanding and painting. I used the VHT primer and paint. I followed the instructions as far and curing and heating went, pretty happy with how it came out.

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Re: 1959 GMC 100 RESTO - Sat Apr 20 2019 11:29 AM

Once the engine bay paint was completed, I focused my attention on the actual motor itself. I searched the forms here for firing, order, dwell settings and comp. I was able to find instructions on point adjustments as well as what my firing order should be. I headed over to auto zone and was able to source the contacts and condenser for my coil. Came home put it all together (with feeler gauges of course!) And the truck was still running rough.

I decided to pull each plug wire out while the car was running and see if the engine would change. I determined plugs 2, 3, and 5 where completely fouled and not firing correctly.

I went back to auto zone borrowed a comp test gauge, bought wires, and plugs and went to work. All 6 cylinders comped 130psi, I went ahead and changed our the old plugs and wires and started her up!

What a difference this truck runs better than my 02 ranger! Very torquie 270 loving every second of driving this truck now.

Slapped some new rims on the truck now and painted my front bumpers, ran two small trailer lights to the front. Here's what she looks like now.

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Re: 1959 GMC 100 RESTO - Sat Apr 20 2019 11:38 AM

So last week I finally got around to working on my interior. With the helpful little hands of my wife we made quick work of this job. We sanded the entire interior down removed the seat and primer + painted the entire cab. We came back once dry light sanded, cleaned and did one more coat of paint.

Once the paint was dry and clean I moved on to wiring up the gauges, I had an old cluster from a never started Chevy project so I decided to use those gauges their color and profile fit the theme perfectly.

My speedo sending unit was broken and the shaft was free spinning so I decided to purchase a GPS speedo and make my life easier. Both the tach and speedo did not fit on my gauge cluster I had to purchase two plastic-chrome shower rings at a hardware store and use as a backer. The end result came out pretty good and you can't even tell the difference.

I love this GPS speedo it gives you speed distance travelled and even directions, it was pretty strait forward to drop in too!

Next project now will be trimming the frame, sanding and painting the cab, and building a vintage style wooden bed. Stay tunned!

Description: Interior before
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Description: Interior during
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Description: Interior after
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Description: Gauges
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Re: 1959 GMC 100 RESTO - Sun Apr 21 2019 02:27 PM

You are doing a great job. Nice truck!
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Re: 1959 GMC 100 RESTO - Wed May 01 2019 12:11 PM

Finally got around to bondoing the welds on my cab corners and priming the truck. Also finished the wood bed.

Description: Before
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Description: After
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Description: Bed built
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Posted By: Fox

Re: 1959 GMC 100 RESTO - Wed May 01 2019 11:53 PM

What wheel and tire combo are you using? I would like to see them from the side. It’s looking really sharp!
Posted By: Demosouthpaw

Re: 1959 GMC 100 RESTO - Fri May 03 2019 09:45 AM

Thanks man I believe they are 15x8 rims. And I have 265 75 in the rear with 225 65 in the front.

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