Posted By: Lugnutz Lugnutz 1965 Chevy C10 Shortbed 1/2-Ton Stepside Build - Mon Nov 02 2015 12:00 AM
Welcome! Please allow me to walk you through the first 4 years of my truck rebuild (2011 through 2015). It's still a work in progress. I'll focus on the highlights to quickly bring you up to date.

This truck was rescued from the crusher in September 2011. It was in far better condition than most 1965 trucks here on the East Coast.

I pulled it home on a tow dolly . The truck was all original right down to the the tag on the carb but the bench seat was missing.

Being "cash poor" right after the purchase but anxious to get started, I first removed the bed . That allowed me access to work on everything behind the cab. With the supervision of a friend, I cleaned and installed new bearings in the rear axle , and rebuilt the rear brakes . The frame was cleaned up to the cab. The rear suspension was cleaned and rebuilt.

Next, attention was turned to rebuilding the front suspension, front brakes, brake lines and a new master cylinder. At the 14 month mark I had the engine running (poorly) and test drove it up the street 1/4 mile but without a bed or working lights.

Tests revealed low compression in 3 of the 6 cylinders of the 88K mile 230ci engine . A search for a replacement engine led me to find a 1966 donor truck with a running 250ci engine. The compression seemed OK so I replaced all the valve seals and painted the 250ci .

The cab was pulled off the frame (a 2 person job) and placed on jack stands so I could strip and clean the metal. Epoxy was applied with a roller to prevent rust. The rockers were replaced and a few small areas patched. The cab was turned on it's back and bed liner was applied as an undercoating.

The engine and cab went back onto the frame and then everything came into the garage. The first 3 years of work was done outside under a shade tree . I repaired the dash with a patch panel cut from another 1964-66 truck. A freshly rebuilt T5 transmission completed the driveline. The windshield, front sheet metal and GMC hood went back onto the truck. I was now able to move the truck under it's own power.

The truck was completely rewired with an American Autowire Classic Update kit. I finally had a driving truck after installing the rebuilt bed .

That's 4 years of work summarized in 9 paragraphs. There's still plenty of work to do. As of November 2015, I have plans to replace the current 250ci engine with a rebuilt 230ci. The truck needs to be sanded and painted inside and out. Then I'll work on upgrades such as front disc brakes, front and rear anti-sway bars and power steering.

You can follow the progress of my rebuild on my BLOG . Updates will be available here too. Thanks for reading.

Last night I took my truck for it's first real road trip. I drove to see Alvin Chipmunk and meet up with Tramp, two of the finest Stovebolters to have ever turned a wrench. Tramp brought me a freshly rebuilt (4000 miles) 230ci that he removed from his truck when he did a V8 swap. I need a nice inline 6 in the worst way. I drove 210 miles round trip last night. My 250ci burned 3.5 quarts of oil on the trip. Yep! BURNED IT. I have a 1 barrel Rochester B carb and a Camaro T5 and I got 18.5 MPG while cruising at 65-70 MPH the whole way. It was almost all highway miles.
So THIS is the 230ci engine I picked up last night. I parked the truck inside the garage last night to keep the engine out of the weather until I could unload it today. So last night, there were 4 inline Chevy engines in my garage. A 250ci oil burner in the truck engine bay, a 230ci in the bed, a 250ci I bought 3 weeks ago on a dolly and a 230ci that's all torn apart. That makes 4.

The plan is to install the 230ci before Christmas.
I'm struggling with a carpet installation right now. I couldn't resist paying the seller $5 for some almost new carpet that he removed from a 1973-87 C10 because he didn't like the color. It came with all the padding too so it was a real bargain. Now I'm struggling with fitment. Next on the list is building an engine run stand and then swapping the current oil burning engine for a rebuilt one.
The last 2 days have been spent cutting up and cleaning steel pieces for the engine run stand I'm building. I'm using some scrap metal that a good friend gave me as well as some new steel. I want to start welding some of the pieces tomorrow.
This is what the completed run stand will look like.
Some of the pieces mocked up.
Scrap sheet metal that I removed from the bed 4 years ago now has a new purpose.
A friend gave me pieces of scrap metal that I cut up into these pieces.
Not much to report on the truck but I did make progress on my engine run stand. My recently purchased 230ci is on the run stand now. The engine looks great bit I did find a few failed exhaust valve seals. Once the engine has been resealed I'll put it into the truck. Hopefully by February. HERE is a photo.
Looks good Lug, does that stand feel sufficiently sturdy when you push the engine around on it?
Originally Posted by Allen Lane
Looks good Lug, does that stand feel sufficiently sturdy when you push the engine around on it?
Yes, the engine run stand feels very sturdy. The large wheels are a MUST. I have more work to do on the stand to get gauges hooked up and a place for a ground to the battery. Need to paint it too.
Major step forward last night. I'm done fabricating my engine run stand. I was able to do a short test run of the 230ci that's on the stand and things look good. Here's a video link.
Next step is to change the exhaust valve seals since several have gone bad. Then change any leaking seals and paint. Then install in the truck by end of February.
Looks good, nice job!

Mike B smile
Just an update. A week away on vacation and then some bad weather have pushed me right up to my personal deadline of getting my newly rebuilt 230ci swapped into the 1965. I did fix the growling release bearing last week, so it's now a daily driver again. Can hardly wait to get the new seals installed in the 230ci and get it painted. Stay tuned for an update. If you really get curious, just visit my BLOG.
I media blasted engine parts today. Then I used a heat lamp to hopefully remove any moisture since today was very humid. Then applied primer. See my 2/23/16 BLOG entry HERE.
More progress. Engine and add-ons have been painted. Need a second coat but at least I can see this coming together soon. Went with the Chevy Blue that is correct for the 230ci inline 6 for 1964 and 1965. Used the Eastwood Ceramic High Temp Paint I had left over from 2 years ago. See my BLOG entries for 2/27 and 2/28/16 for nice pics.
Well I've got my 230ci resealed and painted. Looks too pretty to get dirty, but I know it will eventually. Tonight I moved it off the engine stand and onto the engine run stand. Always nervous when I do it but all went well and no scratches.

Valve lash has been set.

Painted Chevy Blue

Media blasted and ready for primer and paint.

Safely resting on the engine run stand.

The 230 is on the engine run stand and everything seems to check out. No major leaks or funny noises. Gonna install it in the truck this week weather permitting.

Engine run stand 1

Engine run stand 2

Engine run stand 3

VIDEO of engine running 3/12/16
Last night was HUGE! Pulled out the old worn out 250 and installed (mostly installed) the rebuilt 230. T5 tranny and drive shaft are back in. Have to set the dizzy and other pieces into place. Hope to drive it tonight. It got too late to upload pics last night. Stay tuned.
Very nice Jay. You look like a pro with that engine stand. So nice to be able to get it broke in and lined out with good all around access before you drop it in.
The new engine is in the truck and it runs and drives great. Something is making the choke stick, but the engine runs well. I now have a daily driver that doesn't burn oil. WooHoo!

Great job Jay. We need to have a gathering soon! I was thinking about going to the one down in Ga. but I think its on the same date as our family reunion....anyway, name a weekend and lets meet up at the plaza?!

....Now who we gonna get to spray for mosquito's?!
This LINK shows pictures of the engine swap. See the post dated 3/18/16.
Link doesn't work unless you're a member... frown

Mike B smile
Originally Posted by Mike B
Link doesn't work unless you're a member... frown

Mike B smile

Sorry Mike. I fixed the LINK so it works now.
Link works, look'n good thumbs_up

Mike B smile
Well, today I made negative progress. I slammed on the brakes and the tires locked up. Truck went sideways and I overcorrected. Swerved right and then left into a guard rail. No injuries. No other vehicles involved. It can all be fixed but it just takes time and cash. Won't be driving it anytime soon. Maybe by June. Since a lot of the front will be torn down, I'll use this opportunity to convert to disc brakes and power steering. New parts are good.
Ouch! Sorry to hear that!
....take in stride, Jay. I know you'll bounce back. Anything I can do to help let me know.

....can you do some magic on it. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
Glad no one was hurt Jay. What do you think the root cause was? Brake adjustment? Assume you had drums all the way around? No warnings on your road test? We're going to have to put you and Jock in timeout !
I had never tested the brakes in an emergency situation. Should have tested them. Never did. Normal braking always seemed fine. The front pulled a little to the left and maybe that alone was the reason the bed swung to the right immediately once the rear locked up. I will take this opportunity to thank the LORD for sparing me and others from injury. There wasn't even a need for a police report although the ambulance, fire truck, and police all appeared at the scene.

I have also learned that modern braking systems are much better. So today I was shopping for a disc brake upgrade and dual master cylinder with booster. It was on my list for this summer anyway but it's just gonna get done sooner than planned.

What happens in timeout? Do I have to sweep the floor and wash greasy coveralls?

Tonight was step one in the rebuild. I was able to hammer out the dents and twists in my radiator support. It really hurt to see some of my absolutely pristine original 1965 parts get damaged. That radiator support looked like it had rolled off the factory line when I was done with it a year ago. Doesn't look quite so good now but it will pass my standards. I'm building a truck, not a Ferrari. See my BLOG 3/28/16 post for a few pics
You know I'm kidding Jay. The misery of having to redo all that hard work on your baby is pain enough.
glad you are OK and nobody got hurt. Sorry to hear about your truck.
Quick update. New radiator installed and radiator support is back on. Now I can move it around under it's own power again.
Here's my "to do" list.
CPP front disc brake spindles, rotors and calipers
PS gear box (1974 GMC truck)
PS pump and hoses
PB booster (1995 Blazer)
Electric fan
Fabricate radiator hold down
New DS fender
Paint grille surround
Install C50 grille and headlights

I've been struggling with lack of motivation to work on my truck. The list of repairs and upgrades is HUGE and I have barely started. I know, and I've said it to others . . . just do something small each day and you will be surprised how much gets done. The problem has been choosing where to start.

I did nearly complete the PS disc brake install this week. Maybe I'll get to the DS today. More on the BLOG.
Jay, don't beat yourself up pal. Its been hot has Heii lately and there is no use in killing yourself. It will get done. The accident took some wind out of your sail but it'll come back.
...hang in there and as you know, I'm a believer in 15 minutes everyday or until the cold Pepsi runs out.
...if needed, we an plan a day and I'll come down help you out.
I am experiencing the "Domino Effect". Make only ONE change and it causes a chain reaction requiring multiple other changes that need to be made too.
Here's one example:
Install front disc brakes . . . .
. . . .so now I need to add a power brake booster
. . . .which requires me to modify brake pedal

Of course, now the factory carb and air cleaner no longer fits because it bumps into the brake booster so . . .
. . . . .I need to install a weber carb
. . . .which means I need to change to a throttle cable
. . . . which means I need to change throttle pedal to something that works with a cable.
which means : old trucks are fun!


After some research, I decided to just buy a smaller air filter. Doesn't look original but it saves me a lot of work and now I am closer to getting her done. See BLOG.
Mocked up my 1974 PS box on the frame. I plan to stitch weld the bracket into place before final assembly.
The 1974 rag joint and intermediate telescoping shaft will be used. I bought a pretty nice steering DD style U-joint and plan to connect it to my shortened original steering shaft.
Any advice?
See my BLOG post 8/30/16 for a few pictures.
Jay, good job as usual. You'll enjoy the power steering. Good move as we get older! Great to see your making progress.
Life has been busy but I did manage to update my steering column and add power steering. My BLOG shows lots of pictures. I installed a 1974 GMC truck PS box to the frame and added the telescoping lower steering shaft for safety. I also moved my SW and the whole steering column 3" closer to the dash. I removed a 4.5" section from the middle of the column because the new position had the column sticking through the firewall too much. I measured and then cut the upper round steering shaft to the proper length so I could join it to the lower shaft using a DD U-joint. A machine shop milled the end of the round shaft to a DD shape and drilled holes for the U-joint capture bolts.
See pictures HERE - see 11/26/16 entry.
See the column modification HERE.
Jay, glad to see your getting back up to speed and, as always, a nice job. I'm sure folks will still be thanking you after we are gone!!
More progress. I did a mock installation of my inline 6 PS pump with original brackets (rare). Pics on my BLOG HERE - see 12/3/16 entry.
Looks good Jay. What size engine is that? Would that config work on a 235?
That's a recently rebuilt 1964 230ci with about 4500 miles on it. I have no idea if that pump and bracket would bolt onto a 235ci. Sorry.
So much is going on right now that work on the truck has slowed down. The good news is I recently got my power steering pump, hoses, and gearbox installed. It seems to work great but I have not driven the truck. I need to hook up and bleed all of my brake lines.
Link to video
I just finished my front disc brake installation with power brake booster and dual MC. I HATE brake fluid. I installed a brake bias on the rear line so I can fine tune things.
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