Posted By: J Lucas Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun May 24 2020 05:41 PM
With a heavy heart I'm said to say that we have lost Sabrina (MexicoSab). My brother in-law Terry received this message from her husband Alberto last week.

Hi Terry

With great sadness in my soul and heart

I have to tell you that I have lost the love of my life
Mi friend
My partner
My everything

She passed away on May 13 due to a liver failure

My angel is with God now
That’s a fact!

Pray for me
I need God’s help to cure the pain and fill this hole that she has left on my soul

I know how much she love had for you guys and the all gang at Stove bolt

Thank you for your friendship.

I posted below a picture captured from a video on their Facebook Page showing what Sabrina wanted. A simple outside service with her Yellow Chevy truck in attendance.

It's been more than 10 years ago that I met both Sabrina and Alberto at the Stovebolt Reunion in Kansas City. She was so happy to meet up with fellow Stovebolters in person and her interest in these old trucks was genuine. Awhile back I had noticed that she wasn't posting much anymore and I just assumed that life priorities had been the obstacle that was keeping her from the Stovebolt.

She will most definitely be missed, not only by her immediate family, but her Stovebolt family as well.


Description: Outside Service
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Posted By: Wayne67vert Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun May 24 2020 06:27 PM
Wow, that makes me sad. RIP Sabrina.
Posted By: John Milliman Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun May 24 2020 06:45 PM
Peggy and I are truly saddened to hear about this. She is a real loss to our little community. Sabrina was a truly nice, kind and outgoing personality here on Stovebolt and in person. She and Alberto made friends instantly with all of us in Kansas City that year, and certainly on line with many more. And what she may have felt she lacked in knowledge and experience with these old trucks, she more than made up for in her passion, energy and encouragement to others. I would say that she will be missed, but while that is true, it is also an understatement. I'm sure, when Peggy is able to get to the computer again, she will add her own words.

Once again, our world grows a little darker and less warm with the passing of this bright, warm light.
Posted By: Justhorsenround Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun May 24 2020 08:08 PM
Sabrina always showed true compassion in her posts. Not only did she love these old trucks, she loved the people of Stovebolt. She was especially fond of Joker. When he moved on from Stovebolt she kept in contact with him. A truly nice lady. Rest in peace Sabrina.
Posted By: Achipmunk Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun May 24 2020 08:19 PM
I had just spoken to Terry a few days ago and it was a shock to hear such a sweet wonderful young lady had left us. Victoria and I met them in Kansas and immediately we felt as if we had known them for a much longer time. She and Victoria talked about perhaps us even making to a visit to see her and Alberto on one of our "road trips".
My heart is sad for the emptiness Alberto, and the entire family feel right now. RIP Sabrina and blessing asked from above for the family to be comforted.
Posted By: Sedgewick Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun May 24 2020 09:07 PM
It hurts to have to post two consecutive posts regarding lost friends. I just submitted my post on Squeeze and just now noticed Sabrina had left us as well.
We never met but we did email. She seemed larger than life and I got to know her family through these emails. It is really shocking and all I can say is to quote Alberto "we have lost an angel!"
My best to her family and RIP Sab, you were one of us and we miss you already.
Posted By: tclederman Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Mon May 25 2020 01:29 AM
Rest in Peace Sab
Posted By: Rusty Rod Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Mon May 25 2020 01:42 AM
RIP Sab, I spoke with her on the phone a couple times when I lived in SoCal, we tried to meet up, but it did not happen.
Posted By: TPR57C Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Mon May 25 2020 05:40 AM
I feel privileged to have met a few of my stovebolter family and sad when one goes RIP SAB from downunder
Posted By: Denny Graham Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Tue May 26 2020 02:06 PM
Having been on the 'Bolt as long as I have one gets to know the really good guys over the years.
Sabrina was one of the good guy. Never had the opportunity to meet her but I've felt that I
knew her by her participation here. Never heard a bad word from her about anyone, in fact,
just the opposite was true.
Sorry for your loss Alberto, but there's more to our lives than what we experience here on earth
and one day you well meet again.
Denny Graham
Posted By: Rich'sToys Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Thu May 28 2020 03:53 AM
I too had noticed that she hadn't posted for a while. Never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, only here in the forums. So sorry to learn of her passing.
Rest in peace!
Posted By: WE b OLD Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Thu Jun 04 2020 09:26 PM
Sorry to hear that, we were long distant friends and she and her family were in my prayers every night. We kept in touch from time to time with Joker on our minds. She was a kind-hearted lady.
Posted By: jmoore Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun Jun 07 2020 12:37 PM
Lo siento mucho
Posted By: Ed Blouch Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun Jun 14 2020 12:45 AM
Really sorry to hear this, I never had a chance to meet her but we did have a few conversations on the board. She was a wonderful person.
Posted By: Woogeroo Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Wed Jul 01 2020 10:55 PM
Aw man, that's sad.

MexicoSab was great addition here, always wanted to learn more about old trucks, like me.

I was wondering why she hadn't posted much lately.

RIP to a cool person!

Posted By: Tiny Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Thu Jul 09 2020 07:51 PM
I never met Sabrina in person but we had a number of long conversations via email and PM. I'm shocked and saddened to read this. Her kindness and gentle soul showed through every time she made contact. The world is a poorer place without you. RIP Sabrina, my friend.
Posted By: mapleleaf Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Tue Jul 14 2020 11:23 PM
Wow..what a shock..I took the whole family down to visit her in Ensenada many years while we were in California for a trip. Although our California friends were very leery about crossing the border we decided to go . We stayed overnight at her ranch in Ensenada at her insistence. Walking over the border to Tijuana and grabbing a local bus south was a hoot especially with two very young boys. She and Alberto were gracious hosts and her mother was a real treat and character. She was married to the head of the casino in Tijuana and a lot of movie stars stayed at the ranch in the 50s. We slept in the same hacienda that was used by Cary Grant I believe. Gabs going away to University party was that night and a really good local Mexican restaurant catered the event in Sabs back yard with the newly constructed pool. The tequila and food was superb. What a night.

This Bluenoser will never forget Sab. What an adventure she gave us. Both my boys remember it fondly. What a wonderful person she was. RIP Sab.
Posted By: 1953 panel Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Sun Aug 02 2020 09:36 PM
Man, that is sad. She reached out to me several times and was so kind hearted. RIP.
Posted By: Builder Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Fri Sep 04 2020 01:46 AM
RIP Sab. She had been frequenting the pages for many years.
Posted By: tclederman Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Fri Sep 04 2020 11:59 AM
Sabrina joined in 2005
Posted By: Chev4t6 Re: Sabrina Iturbe (MexicoSab) - Tue Sep 15 2020 11:54 PM
RIP Sabrina......never met but always seemed like a great person that enjoyed her trucks and her family
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