Posted By: Achipmunk Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Nov 17 2017 01:06 AM
Received a phone call from Floyd early this morning that his wife, Brenda, of 47 years, had just passed away losing a short battle with Cancer.

Floyd has been around for a while and attended all the Southern Bolters Reunion at the Westgate Shopping Center and here at my house and also a small gathering at Ernie's house in Tenn. His wife Brenda "mrstntrucknut" always by his side. She also joined and made a few post here letting us know she enjoyed the trucks and "helping" Floyd when she could. Victoria and I enjoyed a visit from them not long ago. After 47 years of marriage its going to be a tough time for Floyd, and his son Tony. Keep them in your prayers through this difficult time. A more humble and caring couple would be hard to fine. RIP Brenda our memories will last forever.
Posted By: Roy Rodgers Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Nov 17 2017 02:15 AM
Very sorry for his loss.
Posted By: Justhorsenround Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Nov 17 2017 03:14 AM
RIP Brenda.

I am going to leave this here in the Spoon for a couple of days before moving it to the Passing Lane.
Posted By: 2-Ton Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Nov 17 2017 03:19 AM
RIP Brenda.

Don & Vicki King
Posted By: 1953 panel Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Nov 17 2017 03:55 AM
RIP Brenda. I remember her posting from time to time.
Posted By: Sedgewick Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Nov 17 2017 04:44 AM
Truly sorry for your loss. 47 years is a long time.
Posted By: Denny Graham Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Nov 17 2017 08:41 AM
Yep, 47 years, people become part of us. We just went over the 45th this fall.
Sometimes it seems like it will go on forever, but you never know what lies
ahead when you take the next turn in the road.
Sorry for your loss Fred, as is often said, we're only on loan for this brief span
on earth.
Denny G
Posted By: Roadmarks Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Mon Nov 20 2017 07:20 PM
I just talked to Floyd and heard just about the saddest, bravest voice I have heard in many a year. Brenda was a shy, sweet lady, the kind everyone wants to know but rarely does.

Floyd said, "we'll get through this, eventually" with all the guts and sadness so symbolic of the folks from Floyd's part of the country. We did not mention projects or trucks at all! The

hurt is still way to great! My wife of 32 years, Sarah, and I are the lucky ones, we got to meet Brenda, and she and Sarah were soon blabbing like old friends the first time we met.

Why say more? You all know "the story," and words aren't worth a darn here anyway. So, rest in peace and love, Brenda! There are two of us here in North Carolina who morn your

passing, and to you, Floyd, we're here if and when you need us!

Les & Sarah
Posted By: tntrucknut Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Nov 24 2017 12:35 PM
I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.This has been hard on me,It was less than a month from the time they found it until she was gone.

Posted By: TooMany2count Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Dec 01 2017 05:44 PM
frown frown
Posted By: sstock Re: Sad day for Floyd "tntrucknut" - Fri Dec 01 2017 08:29 PM
Dont know you but feel for you and your loss.
I just lost my pop, and it is brutal.
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