Posted By: 51 2 Ton HELP . . . I've had a brain fart!! - Fri Sep 18 2020 06:07 PM
Almost done with May-Belle, about to fire her up for the first time in two years but I have a small issue . . . . left overs!!

I have been replacing many 70 y.o. parts "just because". Springs being one category. And I have 2 that I cannot identify . . or remember . . . where they came from?!! Hopefully I can get the photo posted . . .

The upper (almost 12" spring) I had in with my seat group? Could not find a place for it. Look familiar??

The one below just "showed up" one day in a box of misc. pieces and I have no memory as to its purpose??

Obviously, I was awake and labeled the other two . . imagine?!

Don't know all model variances . . . May-Belle is a 1951 2-ton (6100) model with 216 motor. It was a grain hauler/farm truck from Nebraska and has a Schwartz hydraulic lift/dump on the bed . . . which I hope to get working again soon!

Would appreciate any help identifying/locating position of one or both of the top two.

As always THANKS,
Dennis in Austin, TX

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Posted By: klhansen Re: HELP . . . I've had a brain fart!! - Fri Sep 18 2020 07:58 PM
Just a WAG, but the top one was likely a seat assist spring. The service manual mentions "seat assist springs" but doesn't really show them in a picture. They were one of the few missing pieces on my truck. I think they go from the front of the seat riser (small hole near where the adjuster bolts on at the front?) to the back of the seat frame (the moving part) to help move the seat forward (uphill).
Your second one looks familiar, but no real clue where it might go. Maybe on the latch lever on the seat adjuster to keep it engaged?
Posted By: 51 2 Ton Re: HELP . . . I've had a brain fart!! - Fri Sep 18 2020 10:21 PM
Thanks Kevin . . .

I could not find a position for the large spring under the seat although it was in the "seat" box? I like your idea . . . I found nothing in any of my books or the 49-53 truck shop manual. Seat moves easily forward and back after my refurb on the seat glides. The seat adjuster lever spring is in place and working well. I think it is much shorter and smaller diameter? Next time I have the seat base out I will check for the holes you mention. If there had been two, I might have thought about this solution . . but only one spring?

I thought the shorter one was part of the carb linkage but that one is already replaced, smaller in diameter and longer.

Thanks for your suggestions!
Posted By: 69Cuda Re: HELP . . . I've had a brain fart!! - Sat Sep 19 2020 04:40 PM
the seat assist spring goes on the passenger side, if you are in your truck, and try to move the seat forward, it helps move the passenger side since you are only on the driver side!
Posted By: Rusty Rod Re: HELP . . . I've had a brain fart!! - Sat Sep 19 2020 05:28 PM
I'm no help here, but we do have a forum specifically designed for this type of question.
Posted By: 51 2 Ton Re: HELP . . . I've had a brain fart!! - Sat Sep 19 2020 06:03 PM
THANKS Mike 69 Cuda . . .

Next time I lift off the seat bottom, this should help me find the attachment holes. Your answer makes sense. Seems easy, like most things . . . once you know how they work!!

I doubt I will make use of sliding the seat . . . I would really like the seat to go back further rather than forward . . . long legs & short trunk!! :-)
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