Posted By: 59rebuild Leak around the Manual Lockout Shaft - Thu May 27 2021 06:27 PM
I have a "small" leak coming from the seal around the manual lockout shaft on my overdrive unit. I have never been into a transmission and/or an overdrive unit. From reading Randy Rundle's document the overdrive unit must be removed and the seal replaced from the inside. Other than the caution regarding spilling the clutch rollers is it a major project to replace the seal or just leave the cookie sheet under it?

Bye the way, for those of you who may have not been aware, Randy Rundle, Author of "The Official Guide To THe Borg-Warner R-10 and R-11 Overdrive" and booklet owner of Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts, passed away in February 2020. He helped me with the setup of my overdrive wiring and I'm sure many others. He will be missed.
Posted By: rfs56trk Re: Leak around the Manual Lockout Shaft - Mon May 31 2021 03:40 PM
It is not necessary to disassemble the rear housing to replace the seal on the R10H series overdrive. Some other OEM's yes.
To replace the seal on the OD shifter shaft: Remove the cable and move it out of the way, there is a small hole on the lower part of the block that holds the shaft, there is a tapered pin in that hole. Use a small pin punch to drive the tapered pin upwards, remove the pin. The shaft can now be removed.
The seal part number is: 6130, Seal, shift lever OD. You should be able to order the seal from Napa or a bearing supplier in your area.
Reassemble in the reverse order.

Note: Many of the publications are generic and cover a wide range of overdrive units. If the publication was published before 1955 it likely doesn't show the Muncie/R10 unit.
Posted By: 59rebuild Re: Leak around the Manual Lockout Shaft - Sat Jun 05 2021 05:13 PM
Thanks very much rfs56trk. That will save me time and not exceed my "pea" brain ability. Have a great day.
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