I have seen a few threads about swapping rear ends for a Chevy 3600, but I did not see any about the 1 ton (38xx) swaps. I could really use some ideas here. I need to swap the rear end out of my 1954 Chevy 1 Ton Panel Truck (3805) as the old Eaton rear end is in serious disrepair... not to mention that I do not have many gearing options available if I stick with the Eaton. This truck is being retrofitted with later components (such as upgrading the engine to a 454, upgrading the tranny to possibly a 4T80, and quite few other serious modifications). The 454 will be carbureted with a higher compression ratio than stock, a high torque cam, and a few other goodies. The bottom line is that this engine and tranny combo will produce some power. I need a rear end that can handle that power.

One thought might be to get an 80's C30 or equivalent 1 ton rear end. I would be fine with that; I just am not sure about whether or not I should modify (shorten) the rear end to the width of the original Eaton rear end. As I understand it, the later rear ends are something like six inches total (three inches each side) wider. I need to confirm.

Some important notes: I want to keep the 8 x 6.5 Lug pattern. This is a single (not a dually) rear end. The truck is also a two wheel (rear - as if I needed to say this) drive. I am considering tire sizes between P275/65R18 and LT235/85R16 - I am fairly open. Once I get this info, I will determine the gear ratio I want and purchase the gears that fit my needs. Oh, and I like Dana 70s --> anybody have ideas on Dana 70s? Also, disc brakes... I am wanting a rear end with disc brakes. You get bonus point for helping me find a rear end with disc brakes :-).

If modification (narrowing) is highly recommended, then who can I find to perform such a modification? Anybody know of someone who does this in the Houston, Texas or Conroe, Texas?

I am going to create a new thread regarding swapping out the front end as well. I wanted to try to keep this separate.

Thank you. I am looking forward to your thoughts. Many many thanks!
so why not look into Currie Enterprises, they build rear ends to spec, bolt pattern/ 1t bearings/ etc etc. Prices are less than you would expect...quality is there too
have their work in my 46.
ccanepa50 - Thanks for that! I will check them out!
54 panel,

Check out the tons o' fun page. At the top there is a posted message about 36xx and 38xx axle swaps. lots of good info, mostly pertaining to trucks, but I 'm sure the panel info would be much similar. you have to be picky, but a current 14 bolt corporate axle will fit, and get you the disc brakes.

good luck
Dana 70 and 80’s come in single and dual rears, pickup and CC, which have different widths, disc brakes, ratios up to 3.54, should be able to find something to work for your needs. 80’s come with 10 on 7.25” so be careful.

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