Posted By: 87GN 54 3/4 ton axle ? - Sun Aug 16 2020 09:46 PM
I am rebuilding the rear axle, HO52. It is in a 1955.1 - 3600.I found on the plate end of the axle GM 77 on the short shaft and GM 78 on the other shaft. Do these numbers represent a 1955 axle or do they refer to something else? Check out the attachment for details.

Attached picture IMG_1915.JPG
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Posted By: 3B Re: 54 3/4 ton axle ? - Mon Aug 17 2020 03:10 PM
Hy 87GN, those numbers probably are nothing more than numbers to identify the two different axles from each other so they can be assembled correctly into the housing in the factory.
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