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I am looking for the front section of the torque tube on my 1939 (1.5 ton) 158-1/2" wheelbase truck... It may be GM 3654084. Is there anything else that would need replacement while refitting the drivetrain to original configuration or anything to watch out for? Thank you.

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What are the symptoms you are experiencing suggesting the driveshaft/torque tube needs replacing?

Hello Ed,

No such thing, I want to eliminate the fire water pump (middle photo) and bring the truck back to normal configuration (first photo) ...
So, looking at your photos, looks like you have a short conventional driveshaft to the pump, then pump, then remainder torque tube to rear? I have replaced pumps on several trucks with Brownies, however, never saw a Brownie with a
TT output.

I guess you could gut the pump so it drives nothing.

I just would like to remove all that useless weight and bring back to standard configuration... Yes, even a Brownie box would be nice with that, but they're impossible to find...
I have several, however, the torque tube problem would still exist. Probably with no Hills in FL, an OD would be helpful.

Hello Ed,

What would you need for the front section? I'm not worried about anything else other than being able to put the truck back together as it was originally... The length of the front section is approximately 49-3/4"...

Now, I would forget about that if you told me that you have everything to convert this to an open driveshaft...:)
What's the back half of the drive shaft look it a standard open shaft?

Could you put a cross member in to carry the back of the existing TT off of the trans and connect from that existing U-joint back to the rear U-joint with a new longer shaft?

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The back has the standard torque tube...It would be more difficult to fabricate something that might work. It would seem easier in my book to find the original part that went there in the first place...

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Probably need to find a truck w/o pump, probably hard to find, but newer similar truck might be the same.

Another option, depending on your proposed use might be to find a modern rear axle, 14 bolt for example, open driveline, and pick a suitable ratio, of course then one has to match the front wheel bolt pattern. Are you going to keep the original engine? 2 ton front axle can be fitted with P-30 disc brake hubs to keep a narrow axle to fit in the fenders.

Hello Ed,

I understand from your previous post that you have several torque tube sections... Can you part with one? I am planning to keep the original engine, drivetrain and bolt pattern on the truck...

I do not have any torque tube sections, sorry.

Thanks for looking....
That is an odd driveline. While not impossible, it would be very difficult to source a "bolt-in" torque tube rear axle that matches the wheelbase of your project truck. I hope you're parts hunting skills are exceptional! It may be much easier to source an open driveshaft style rear axle and transmission as it would allow a much greater latitude in wheelbase options. I believe that the more readily available 1941-46 deco 1 1/2 ton trucks should be suitable parts donors for your model.
I'm not sure what you mean by odd driveline... Are the 158-1/2" trucks that rare? I'm just after the front section of the torque tube... Yes, ideally I would swap to open drive, the problem is finding the parts either as a whole or or individually... It would make more sense just to swap axles and the rear transmission cover and be done with it, provided the location of the center bearing is the same as the closed driveline...
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