Anyone have a source for this part. Thank you
What make/year 1/2 ton truck?
1954 chevy 1/2 ton truck
Speedy seals, etc., are available by dimension.

I guess the other question would be is how do you install the sleeve when you cannot fully utilize the installation Cap part since the axle gets in the way because of its length. Hope that makes sense.
I did this on my 38 Master, which is very similar. I used a pipe and a rubber mallet to drive the sleeve on. It was tricky because of the following problem: If you don't drive it down far enough the axle will not go into the bearing far enough to install the C clip. When the sleeve was driven far enough, the end if the sleeve did not sit under the lip of the old style seal. However a new modern style seal had the lip further towards the outside and it worked perfectly. I looked up the sleeve online at the manufactures website.
Thanks, does any one have some kind of quick calculation of how to measure for the new sleeve so you get the one that's not too big or too small?
Electronic calipers that measure in thousands of an inch are reasonably priced, lots of uses. Micrometer is more accurate but not required.

Since the speedy sleeve will increase the diameter of the axle shaft by few thousandths be sure you only cover the seal lip area, not the part of the axle that fits through the bearing. It might be necessary to narrow the sleeve a little to be sure you only cover the seal area of the axle, not the load-bearing part.
There's also 3 7/8" diameter sleeve available that would fit the rear main bearing seal area on a 216/235/361 crankshaft. I'm not sure it would work with an OEM rope or rubber seal, but the engines I'm machining for the full circle lip seal would definitely be a candidate for a non-wearing stainless steel crankshaft sealing surface on an engine buildup!

Is there anyone that may have the dimensional "stock" diameter specs for a 1954 chevy 1/2 ton rear axle at the bearing sealing surface near the wheel hub? Thanks
I am not sure that this is the rear wheel seal you are referring to.

Here are the specs for that seal
Here is another brand of that seal

Is that the seal?
As far as size goes, measure the diameter of the area where the seal will ride. next look at the manufacturer's listing. Each speedi sleeve has a range of diameters it will service. We are talking a few thousands of an inch here. I think this is the link you want. Speedi Sleeve Listing
Not meaning to hijack this thread, but I wish there was a type of speedi sleeve for the axle itself in the location where it contacts the bearings. My 1941 axles are slightly pitted at those points and that is less than desirable.
Thanks for the help, what I was looking for,
That is what I am looking for but for the sealing surface of the oil seal, not the bearings
Tom, I've tinkered with the idea of machining the axle shaft down 1/8" or possibly a little more and fabricating a sleeve to press-fit on, then machining and grinding the OD of the sleeve back to OEM diameter. Some alloy like oil hardening drill rod, for instance, could be machined for a close fit, then heated and expanded for installation purposes with a torch, and shrink-fitted and hardened at the same time by quenching in an oil bath. No heating of the axle would be required. Once the sleeve was in place a tool post grinder in a lathe would be needed to establish the finish diameter. That process would also replace the seal surface with smooth metal the right diameter.

The cost would be considerable unless someone had his own machining equipment, however.
Makes sense - was wondering if that could be done. Finding a decent set of axles is more than difficult...
If somebody could write a CNC program to turn out repair sleeves by the dozen, the installation machining and finish-grinding process wouldn't be as labor intensive as making the sleeves one or two at a time.
Tom , there is a bearing sleeve for your job .

I have several axles here with this done . The axle is turned down to the correct size and the bearing # IR1502 installed . I remember buying the sleeve a couple of times , once here in New Zealand , the other online from USA .

Check out your local bearing suppliers .

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Interesting!. Did you keep your source information?
Sorry Tom , I cannot find it now .
I have one for my 38 Master and I understand these sleeves were common at one time. I believe one of my axles has already been done.
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